Last night I got a fever.  I was freezing.  Chilled to the bone freezing, and that really really hurts!  I went to bed and froze until shortly before Mr. Man came to bed.  Then it developed into the too hot too cold phase of fever. It was too hot with blankets, but too cold without.  Hazel Mae had congestion issues.  Suctioning her nose didn't help, it was too far back.  Have you ever met a baby that loves getting her nose suctioned?  Well you have now!  It'd stop  her from crying and she'd lay there nice and still while I tried to make it so she could breathe well enough to eat.  No such luck.  So while I sat up with her patting her back to keep her calm and quiet, my fever changed agaain and I was cold again but not freezing.  Anyway, I finally fell asleep around 4 and was up at 6 with Hazel who couldn't breathe and couldn't eat and was utterly disagreeable.  Eventually I couldn't sit and hold her any longer and just laid her down, and wouldn't you know she went right to sleep.  And then Mischief was awake.
I'm all achey now.  And I have Mischief's meeting with the allergist today.  This will be fabulous I'm sure.

In non-whiney me news, Mr. Man is very stressed about his finals.  He struggles with tests, so even though he's turned in all his homework and did fine on his tests throughout the semester, he's terrified he's going to fail.  And if he does, he gets kicked out of school for a semester.  And we need the money he gets while going to school.  So please keep him in your prayers.


sleepless said…
I keep all of you on the SD temple prayer rolls !

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