Thanks Pinterest: Marbled paper prints

On Pinterest I found this craft:
Pinned Image

So today we did it.
 filled some empty plastic drawers with shaving cream
 Added food coloring (note:  you'll want to add plenty rather than think a little goes a long way - I did Mischief's and it definately could have used more)
 Use a spatula or stick to swirl the colors around (note:  if doing this with kids, use sticks or dowels or something other than a spatula or you'll end up with just smears of color)
 Press a piece of paper - we used cardstock - into shaving cream
 Pull your paper out and use a spatula or a squeegie ( I recommend getting squeegees) to scrape off the shaving cream
Hang your beautiful marbled papers to dry!
The food coloring actually didn't stain our fingers too bad.  I've also seen pins of this with the kids using paint brushes to pain the colored shaving cream onto the paper.  I think we'll try that when I find where I put the cardstock down......


Heather said…
super fun idea! Looks like they had lots of fun :)
sleepless said…
AWESOME !!! Lovely artwork !!
Julianna said…
I've been pinning away. The poker chip idea I posted today came from a magnet idea I saw on pinterest, but they just used circles of cardboard.

I find it's a great site to get my mind going.

As for the art work your girls did, AWESOME! Mine did this alot in preschool. We then used the finished paper to write letters to out of town family. :)
Laurel said…
Those are very pretty and would make great book covers!

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