Today is going better.  Which is funny since I got practically no sleep last night (Hazel didn't want to go to bed until 2am and Mischief was up at 5 something) and have no brain today.

After dropping Drama Queen and Mr. Man at their classes, Mischief, Hazel and I went to Smith's and I bought 48 cans of green beans, plus canned carrots, corn, spinach and tomatoes.  So I feel better about our food storage for now.  When we picked everyone up from school we stopped at WinCo to get the rest of the week's groceries (minus produce cause really, my brain isn't here today).  And we got a free turkey!!  WinCo has a deal going on right now that if you spend $100 you get  free turkey.  Well that was easy!  Or I thought it'd be.  When we checked out we were 3 dollars short so I told Mr. Man to just grab something.  He grabbed two chocolate oranges, or well one was orange the other is toffee crunch.

Before we picked up Mr. Man we stopped at my sister-in-law's quilting group.  And Hazel Mae somehow got more poop into her clothes than in her diaper.  Kid has skills.  Thankfully one of the women there (who's also one of my visiting teachers) has twins that are the same size as Hazel and she lended me the spare outfit she carries for them as well as gave me a diaper because I totally spaced having a diaper bag today......really, I'm a winner today.....

In other less than fortunate news, Mischief is taking a nap.  Yes it's nearly 4pm.  She needed it desperately.  She really needs a nap daily still, but she doesn't wind down enough until about pm and so she'll be up until 11pm at the earliest.  Mr. Man says "that's okay I don't work tonight".  And I just smile and nod my head because that's what he says everytime and then he goes to bed before both of us.  hahaha.  He does have work and school, so I'm okay with it.

I've discovered I have some major cleaning roadblocks.  Like more so than I thought.  For example, in my bathroom, there's a vanity that has 3 drawers.  Well.  Said vanity and drawers are cluttered and haven't been used, except for the first aid kit, for many months.  So you'd think I could just go and toss all that crap into a bag and be rid of it right?  No.  I tried.  I tried many times.  I think I'll make Mr. Man do it.
Like right now.


sleepless said…
Prayer helps..seriously. HE can fix anything..with faith from you. Personally...I do a lot of things I do not want to not feel comfortable doing ...don't want to do...sometimes it takes a while..and that is okay. Just keep doing the best you can and ask for HIS help regularly. Mama loves you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for uping your food storage ! good call !

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