Truth is. . . Thursday

Truth is........If my house weren't a disaster area, I could.......

  • paint the walls
  • do an exercise video
  • crawl around the floor chasing my children.
  • dance around the house with my children.
  • lay on the floor to read books to my children
  • lay on the floor to color with my children
  • cut out pattern pieces
  • build a fort
  • invite people over
  • have crab walking races
  • get to the windows to put up plastic seals
  • rearrange furniture
  • vacuum

Truth is.....It's only 10am and Mischief has eaten:
  • a serving of oatmeal (one packet cooked)
  • 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt with sliced strawberries and honey
  • an apple
  • grapes
Truth far today I have:
  • given one child a shower
  • gotten two children dressed
  • photographed two children 
  • ran a load of laundry
  • ran a load of dishes
  • gotten dressed
  • fed three children
  • checked email
  • checked google+
  • checked facebook
  • checked pinterest
  • started writing down the plans for Christmas presents so I can stop making more plans
Truth is......I forgot it was Thursday until I heard the trash truck headed down the street.  I quickly ran outside and put our can out.

Truth socks are dirty from that.

Truth is.....I don't know where to begin with the disaster that is my house because all my efforts seem fruitless since the next day the tv room always ends up looking like I'd never done anything.

Truth Christmas present plan for my husband is not going to work out if the weather keeps getting colder.  I'll see if I can do it today while he is at school since today is supposed to be the warmest day for a while.  (it involves spray paint)

Truth is......This kid is going to have issues for a week in December when she won't have me next to her with breasts to smoosh her face into at night.  Seriously, she would NOT sleep Tuesday night until I laid down with her and she scooted herself next to me until her cheek was pressed against me.  She didn't want to eat, she just likes milk scented pillows I guess......
Truth is.....she's also in 6 month clothes now.  

Truth is.......I'm going to stop being lazy and get some cleaning done.


Laurel said…
Where are you going in December?
Julianna said…
GAWD she's cute!

This is the first year I have no idea what I'm doing for Christmas gifts. Normally I am done by my birthday every year. This year it may wait until the week before Christmas.

Tony has no idea who I am any more.
Emily Robertson said…
Oh my cuteness!!!! I love the pictures!!! I want to just smoosh them up & kiss those little cuties!

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