Tutu Tuesday: A science experiment

On Monday Drama Queen and I started a science experiment while the littler girls slept.

First she measured out 2 cups of water
then poured the water into a saucepan.
Next she carefully measured 5 cups of sugar
And added each cupful to the pan.  Doing this she noticed that the water turned white.
Mommy put the pan on the stove, and turned on the burner.
Time to stir,


She noticed while stirring that the sugar stopped being crunchy and disappeared.  We talked about solids and liquids (she's been learning about them in science - yes, her kindergarten has a science class......no painting, or dancing or singing "Farmer in the Dell".  Science and Math.).  She also excitedly informed me that sugar said "Sh" so it starts with S-H!  Nope, sorry kid.  English is rather inconsistant.
Once the water/sugar mixture started making bubbles(boiling), we pulled it off.  She put in a few drops of food coloring and I added some strawberry flavoring.  Then more stirring.  And yes, she did all the stirring herself, she let me stir all of twice, and only cause I said I wanted to feel how it wasn't crunchy anymore.

No pictures as we let it cool then poured it into the jars.  Just plastic wrap wasn't strong enough to hold the sticks in place, I folded foil into  layers then stabbed a stick through for each.  

Now we wait.  Drama Queen will look each day to see what happens to the sugar after a few days.

I enjoy having Drama Queen sound out words.  She does it constantly throughout the day.  Of course then she runs into spelling problems, such as with sugar and shoe.


Laurel said…
We recently did that too! We made yummy rock candy. But, at first we followed a recipe with a 1 to 2 water to sugar ratio and nothing happened. Then I found another recipe with a 1 to 3 water to sugar ratio so we added more sugar and crystals started forming very quickly.

Matthew just watched this video with me and without me telling him anything he said, "She's making rock candy!" So, I am glad that he remembers his experience!

Good luck, I hope that its super yummy!
Laurel said…
David's been growing salt crystals! They are not yummy, but he's formed some pretty big cubes, its pretty cool!

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