Wallowing Wednesday

Today I miss........

  • Disneyland
  • my Disneyland paycheck
  • going to the gym whenever I want
  • water drinking competitions with Ms Jennifer C.
  • year round warm weather
  • Rod Miller playing rag time
  • living in a clean house
  • being able to live off of diet coke and saltines
Today I'm grateful for......
  • my easily amused 2 yr old
  • kindergarten
  • a baby who goes to bed easily when tired
  • a nice house to live in, even if it's over flowing with my crap
  • pinterest
  • craft stores
  • having let my husband join the air force.  It's still the only reason we survive even though he's been discharged.
  • doll blankets made by my grandma
  • a working furnace
  • my husband's job
  • my husband going to school
  • getting to help my husband work on his essay final draft last night
  • caffeinated pop
  • news and shows on regular channels that give tips and discuss church stuff.  HAHAHA.  Only in Utah does President Monson giving the BYU devotional make the news or does a morning talk show give tips about dealing with kids and church.  HAHAHA. 
  • garlic salt
  • my parents and siblings
  • the pumpkin fairy's candy stash
  • people who give things other than candy on halloween
  • having a Christmas present idea for my husband!  Can you spray paint in 40 degree weather? cause if not then there goes that......
  • caffiene kicking in and my no longer being as burst into tears ready.  


Julianna said…
As long as the grateful out weighs the woeful, it's all good.

(I miss sleeping in.)

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