Yesterday we headed north to my cousin's house.  He's got an awesome camera and a gorgeous backdrop and fun photo props.  He did our family pictures, thanks Anthony!  And thanks mom for setting it up and sending us clothes for them!  The girls looked so cute!  After that we went to Mr. Man's sister's house and visited for about an hour or so.  Hazel Mae adored her, which is VERY good since she'll be there for a week next month!

Mischief had a hard time last night.  Instead of being just kind of winter snotty, she's officially congested and green snotty.  I put the humidifier in the girls room, but she still woke up at 9pm, thankfully I was able to rock her back to sleep, after a dose of tylenol (she kept saying her hair hurt, and grabbing the hair behind her ear, which in my opinion means she either had major head congestion or is developing an ear infection), some homeopathic cold medicine, and melatonin, and put her in bed.  She was awake again at 4:23am.  I got up, with her and we laid on the couch watching kid shows until Hazel woke up to eat at about 5:30 - 6ish.

Mr. Man took Drama Queen and Hazel to church with him.  I've done dishes, fed Mischief and I, cleaned off most of the kitchen table.  Submitted our job connection case review (and am irritated with myself for reading the paperwork wrong.  I thought it said I had until the 1st of December to submit it, but it turns out it was supposed to be submitted by Nov. 10th.  Now, due to it being late, we may not get money for food next month.  Grrr.  stupid me.)

It's sunny.  Once I remember where I put the diaper bag, I can upload pictures from this past week.  But for now I'm going to return to cleaning up, my way of showing Mr. Man that I really appreciate that he took Hazel Mae with him too!


sleepless said…
I am so glad the photo shoot got done !!! Thank you for cooperating !! It sounds like Ava has an ear infection..I would get her in so it doesn't break the ear drum or go elsewhere. Every morning say 10 times," I will not procrastinate" mama loves you !

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