Phew!  Try to remember passwords after 3 weeks?  That's tough!  In my world, it's still 3 hours until 2012, but for some people, like the fabulously lovely and entertaining Julianna, it's already a new year.

I feel like I've been gone for ions, yet I could have kept going, I wasn't the one going, "What am I suppose to do? I can't stream anime!"  Can you guess who in this house that was?  I'll give you a hint, it wasn't an estrogen driven complaint........and yet I'm sure you'll be told that it was all me, simply because I said my mom was calling more often since she wasn't getting facebook updates.

Where have we been?  Well, the first week of no internet was due to not being able to afford it (aka bill past due and no money with which to pay it), the second week, well, if I was willing to spend 65 cents per minute I could have used the ship's internet, and this last week was due to the same reason as the first week and also my telling my husband that we should just drop our service provider all together because we really couldn't keep pretending we could afford it, as the whole point of getting cell phones (okay not the whole point, part was so we could be in contact when he was at school and I had the car) was for it to be cheaper.....after a measely week I've been overruled and I'm not going to complain much.  See, I was really running out of craft ideas.  That and it's too cold for me to be willing to walk across the street to the drug store so I can copy the rice krispy treat recipe off of the Kelloggs brand box, so now I can look it up on the internet.  My generic Crispy Rice and store brand marshmallows don't have the recipe.......and it's also not in any of the cook books I own.  What's up with that?!  *sigh*  Now I'll have to get caught up with pictures of Christmas and the cruise and the cute photos of my girls that I took yesterday and today with one of the greatest Christmas presents ever.  It was a really awesome Christmas, let me tell you.  Or well let me tell you eventually.  Right now I have a couple hundred emails to go through and I want to check facebook and more importantly Pinterest, cause by golly we've about run out of ideas, though we did make some pretty cool paper birds from the Family Fun magazine.



Trishgoger said…
So glad you're back! It's an hour and a half till new years and I was stoked on reading your blog!
Julianna said…
Welcome back!

It was weird, Decemeber was a tough month for my pen pals, many of them just fell off the web. :)

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