Last night my sister-in-law invited us over for dinner.  It was super nice since I had no brain as to what to make. My thought process involved "Okay we have turkey......we could have turkey and cranberry sandwiches.....if we had bread, which we don't. Alright, we can have turkey stirfry..........or we could if we had vegetables besides just broccoli.......Um, um um um...................."
Of course today though I feel worse than I did yesterday, I realize we do have carrots and celery that I could have stir fried or we have all the fixings for turkey broccoli casserole.  Some days I'm just brainless, and thankfully April rescued us yesterday.  It was really yummy too.  And so so nice to spend time with them!  Hazel Mae loved their Christmas tree.  We need to put our up.
I'm so glad I have such an awesome family, both my own and my husband's.  It's nice to have good relationships with your family.

I had cheese and sour cream yesterday and Hazel Mae was not happy last night.  She didn't want to sleep, she didn't want to swing she didn't want to lay down she didn't want to be walked and bounced, she didn't want to be held.  I gave her tylenol and finally was so tired (this was all from 2:36am to 3:14am) I just put her to bed and let her cry a bit.  She didn't cry long before she was asleep.  It woke up Mr. Man though and so he's going to be super tired today.  At least he ended up working on his essay for 4 more hours!

I don't feel good today.  I mean, ya, I've been sick and miserable for almost a week now, but really, I just want to crawl back into bed today and just sleep.  Guess I over did it yesterday with the cleaning in the play room and socializing.  And I really really hate the something-is-lodged-in-your throat feeling that you get partway through a cold/flu.  I took sudafed to help with my head and chest congestion.  I may just lay down on the floor here and take a little nap.  Nevermind, I have to go pick up Drama Queen from school in less than an hour.  And take Mr. Man's movies back to redbox, cause he SUCKS at doing that.  I love him.  He just cost us a LOT of money last time he got redbox movies.

It is extremely cold outside.  I am very grateful for the space heaters we have been loaned.  And that my sister-in-law is going to call for bids for the furnace.  Really, how do people learn about doing this stuff?  I'm glad she's around to tell us what-for and to keep us from just closing our eyes, opening the phonebook, and sticking a finger on the page to pick...........

UPDATE:  Um, I so didn't even think to check if sudafed was okay for me to take, and according to it's only listed as "probably safe" to take while breastfeeding.  So it's up to your digression. I've looked up DayQuil, and it is okay to take, which is mainly what I've survived on the last week. (store brand).


Mandi said…
you can take Sudafed when you are nursing?! I have had a cold over a week and am dying. I didn't think there was anything I could take. I thought everything either wasn't safe or dried up your milk. I am desperate at this point to feel some types of normal. If I had a Dr. I would have just called them to see what I could take. Did it help you? I just want to feel normal again... or at least as much as I can
Emily Robertson said…
Hooray for April!!! So glad that she was there to help you out. I wish we lived closer. I totally would have taken your girls. Missed you on Saturday! I hope you feel well soon!!!!
sleepless said…
A. is actually GOOD at this sort of thing and I think she really enjoys it too !
Julianna said…
I am always the go to girl for all issues house related, divorce related, kid realted and food allergin related.

*Jumps up and down for joy, then collapes from exhaustion*

Honestly, we learn this stuff because we've been through it. And what good is going through something if you can't pay what you've learned forward?

Feel better! :)

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