What a Weekend

Saturday morning I was laying in bed working on waking up as Mr. Man puttered around getting ready to go running.  Hazel Mae was asleep in the swing still, I assumed, so I asked him to go check to make sure she was still alive (slept there 4 hours straight!).  He said she was starting to wake up.  I then told him how when I put her out there at 3:45 I tried to turn the heater up, but it didn't work.  He looked at me then dropped what he was holding and went over to the thermostat.  Pushed buttons.  No effect.  Went to the heater.  Pilot light is out.  He spent 15 to 20 minutes trying to light the pilot.  I started to get out of bed and realized just how cold the house was.  It was 64 degrees when I put Hazel in the swing.  4 hours with no heat and light snow outside, it was at least ten degrees colder.  So Mr. Man went for a run to help him think of what to do.  And I, of course, got on facebook.

I love my family.  Especially my ward(church) family.

I love that a number of ward members are on facebook.  Including the primary president and the Bishop's wife.  The primary president, who is not on facebook frequently, signed on that morning, read my post regarding us not having heat and that it was the same temperature outside as it was in, offered her space heater.  She even brought it over to me.
Mr. Man headed up to Ogden because a niece of ours got baptised yesterday and took Drama Queen with him as she's the only kid who's really not sick.  Before they left they bought an electic blanket for Mischief, Hazel and I to keep warm with as well.
Then the Bishop's wife got on facebook and was her fabulous self.  told me who in the ward knows furnace stuff and even offered that we could sleep at their house so we'd be warm.  I thanked her and told her I'd have Mr. Man call, as I could not, having very little voice (seriously, I'm a mix between a boy going through puberty and a heavy smoker.  It's not pretty or very understandable).  She decided to call.  And last night the fellow who knows furnaces came with his gorgeous wife (we hadn't met them before) to look at our heater.  He took it apart and told Mr. Man what it looked like was the problem, and if it wasn't that, then the furnace is dead.  He was sure that the piece would be hard to find and we'd probably have to call someone to come and look at it officially to order the piece.
After they left, we went to Target to get warm pajamas.  Footsie pjs for Mischief, Drama Queen.........and me!  We also got some 24 month onesies for Mischief to wear underneath, as she kicks her blankets off.  On the way home we went by my brother's house because they have 2 space heaters also.  While Mr. Man was getting the space heaters, apparently he was talking with my brother about the part that probably needs replacing on the furnace and low and behold (don't you just love those words?) HE HAD THE PART.  God may give us trials, but he also gives us the ability to overcome them.  Apparently their furnace had needed that part replaced at some point and they'd bought the item and it turned out there's a right hand and a left hand version (kinda like doors, eh?)  and their furnace takes a left and ours a right.
Long story shortened a bit, we all stayed warm last night thanks to the borrowed space heaters and electric blanket (under Mischief) and Mr. Man will try to fix the furnace after church today.  Hoping and praying it works!  Though I do quite like my footsie jammas.  Except that Nick and Nora (brand) don't seem to realize that women require a bit more space in the bum area.
I have pictures to go with this post, like of how 24 month onesies and 2T fleece jammas are massive on Mischief, and of our furnace doing nothing (so exciting), but that requires going to the other computers, so they'll have to wait a bit as I'm choosing to stay by the space heater in our room that is now up to 57 degrees!  (it was 55 an hour ago).

In a completely unrelated bit......has anyone seen the "Beautiful Bangs" infomercial?  It frightens and disturbs me.


Jennifer said…
Abby---this is a beautiful post! I am so happy that you are surrounded by loving family (all kinds) this is a demonstration of what the world should be like--people caring about others and not just at Christmas time. Keep warm and remember "God is faithful, and he will not let you be tested beyond your strength but with your testing he will also provide the way out so that you may be able to endure it" (1 Corinthians 10:13). You are a strong woman and a great mother!

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