Monday, January 30, 2012


Keeping Drama Queen home from school today as we all have a "funny feeling" in our throats.  Going to drink lots of imitation tang today.
Also going to spend the day saving copies of activity ideas and recipes from pinterest to the hard drive in anticipation of losing internet sooner than later.  If you can't call us, it's because our phones are shut off right now.  We're still waiting on the VA money for this semester.  And then we'll probably only be paying tithing and rent.  So if you can't get ahold of us, we're doing okay!  We have food and our gas and power has been paid for the month, so we're good on that.  It's just all the extra stuff that will be gone temporarily.  I've got no problem with that!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A note from Hazel

who decided to make "I'm going to puke on you" noises at 1am..........Cause they go so well with her 101.2 (via armpit) fever.

                      l,,znaxcbfch ,dcv6666  rffgvggggggggggggggggg          g  fa                        vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvva   n               v hazxel;

Yes, I tried to help her type her name

Friday, January 27, 2012

And here they are again.....

Thank you Namma for the gorgeous outfit!
Today we had DQ's parent teacher conference.  And, of course, our child is brilliant.  Her Progress Report says that on a scale of:
AA   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H
Her current grade level is at level A.  Drama Queen is at.........level D.  :)  That's my reader!!
She got moved to a different table a few weeks ago and today we found out why.....not because she was spending more time helping others.....not because she talks alot.......because the entire table that had been together before, they were "the smart kids" and were finished at least 5 minutes ahead of all the other kids.  And so the teacher separated them so that when they are working on worksheets and things, they are at tables with other kids, which distracts them, and they take longer. LOL
I've done a little online research and it looks like they do what I call G.A.T.E. (gifted and talented education) testing in 2nd grade.  It's called A.L.L.(accelerated learning lab) here, and while you do testing in 2nd grade, you aren't a part of it until 3rd grade. Here's what the district webpage says: 
"The Accelerated Learning Lab, or A.L.L.  is the district program offered to elementary students grade 3 to grade 6.  The curriculum is built upon the Utah State Core, with students moving at an accelerated rate in math, reading advanced level literature, and going deeper and broader in science and social studies.  Music and art will be threaded throughout the curriculum as well.

Placement in the A.L.L. class is intended to be a two-year commitment.  Students test in their 2nd grade year for the third/fourth program and 4th grade for fifth/sixth grade placement.   4th grade students who have successfully maintained appropriate behavior and academic expectation levels are automatically moved on to the 5th grade A.L.L.
Testing will be done in November of the students’ 2nd and 4th grade year and placement will be viewed as a two-year commitment. Students may test in 3rd and 5th grade for placement but due to the nature of the program, placement is limited to any openings that become available as other students withdraw from the program."
So until then I guess she'll just have to deal with whatever the teachers choose.  And then, this is all assuming she is "accelerated" enough, she may or may not get to be in the accelerated program?  Was California like this?  It never seemed to me to be a difficult thing to be in a G.A.T.E. class!

When we go with Drama Queen to lunch, as she is eating in the cafeteria now and loving it, the lunch ladies always gush over Mischief.  The curls catch their eye
and then the overall cute pocket-sizedness of her turns grandmother age women into........well their grandmotherly instincts tend to oooooze out.
 This is good because I don't have $2.50 to buy lunch for Mischief and she gets highly offended if she doesn't get to eat when Drama Queen does.  So they all turn a blind eye to the extra sides Drama Queen gets as well as while Mischief eats those extra sides.  
And Hazel Mae is just cute.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Mischief knows how to work the people around her.  She either gets out of or reduces her time outs by doing/saying something that leaves us cracking up.  She's got this grin that lets us know she knows exactly what she's doing.  Little bugger!  Her latest habit though involves pulling at heartstrings.  For the last few weeks all we hear is "I hungry.  I hungry mom.  I hungry."  From the moment she wakes up, until you are tucking her in bed, she is declaring she is hungry.  Even when she has food in front of her.  But she's now added on to that with, "Will you feed me?"
 It's like really child?  Really?  Honestly, I'm afraid she'll say that to someone else and they'll think we keep her locked in a closet without food or water.  And so she's our hobbit.  She has first breakfast, second breakfast, as well as thirdsies.
Today she started with a big bowl of Crispy Rice and milk.  Ate it all gone.  Moved on to some cookies and turkey meat.  Now she's having a bowl of oatmeal.

 Since dinner will be turkey and rice, I think I'd better get started making some corn tortillas for lunch.  I try to keep some variety for her rather than feed her rice all the time.  Or perhaps I'll dig through the cupboard and find some quinoa if we have any left.
Speaking of the weirdo, she is now sitting at the table playing with two they're dolls.  She's unique.  At least the cookies are getting smaller as she is taking a bite every so often.  Oh Mischief.  I hope you always are able to find humor in life and make it a bit happier for those around you as well!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tutu Tuesday: Gluten Free cookies

Drama Queen wanted to make cookies, but I haven't been wanting to make any.  Mischief loves cookies, and I know she'll eat them even if them make her not feel good.  The other trouble with making cookies is we're out of butter.  So I hopped online and looked for a recipe that Mischief could eat without trouble, and didn't have need for butter.  And ta-da!  Some delicious gluten-free Soft Molasses cookies.  It's Mischief's favorite type and they are really SO good!

She had three for lunch.  The recipe calls for sorghum flour, but I replaced it with rice flour since that is what I have, and it worked fine.

I admit I can be easily entertained.  Like when I pulled out the box of 9 month clothes for Hazel and discovered one of my favorite outfits in it....
Mischief at 15 months.......

Hazel Mae at 6 months.......

Anyone else find this hilarious?  Does this mean Mischief was an itty bitty person walking around, or does it mean Hazel Mae is a chunk?  Or both?  LOL

Monday, January 23, 2012

Picnik is going away! and fairy houses

Despite other options online, my favorite photo editing source, is going away.  Google + is taking it and renaming it it sounds like.  Anyway, until April 19th, all the features are free!!  No premium membership needed!!  That's fabulous.  Cause I was able to take this cute picture of Drama Queen:

And go KA-POW!!
Don't you just love the mud on her forehead?  She's very busy at work outside!  Since the snow finally came, she's been concerned for the fairies.  So she's out there building them a house:

 And she left them some food too, "cause there's none growing in the garden."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Truth is.....Thursday

Truth's better late than never, right?

Truth days have all been off this week.  On Tuesday I was absolutely positive it was Wednesday.  Just like I was absolutely positive Friday would be payday.  Not so.  :(

Truth is.......Mr. Man found out that UVU (the school he's going to) is hiring night custodians.  I may not have to get a job.  Which is good cause I fully feel like I'm going to throw up now everytime the phone rings.

Truth is........Mischief is a bottomless pit.  Seriously.  The child eats All. Day. Long.  We're crossing our fingers for a growth spurt.

Truth is.......Mr. Man has all 3 girls in the man cave right now.  Never mind, he called for rescue.

Truth is........Hazel tried stealing my turkey burger while I was eating dinner.

Truth is.......Drama Queen just came to me and asked, "How is it your sister, Shannon, sees ghosts?"  Um.......that's new to me if she does!

Truth is..........That led to a ten minute conversation about ghosts/spirits.  And DQ deciding that a ghost was watching her last night when she was trying to go to bed.("I felt someone looking at me but when I looked, nothing was there.")  I suggested perhaps it was her imagination getting away from her.  "Oh, I bet that's it."

Truth child is random.  And I so just put on Ghost Hunters for her........hahahahaha.  Really, I'm not a bad parent, she likes this show. A LOT.  She is her mothers daughter!

Truth is..........We had turkey burgers for dinner.  I made the buns myself and for the first time (I've tried a few times before) they were good!  Yay!  And Mr. Man grilled the burgers for us, as I tend to make them tough and dry on the George Foreman.

Truth is......I'm resisting the very strong urge to go Boo! at the girls.  Really don't need to be encouraging nightmares........

Truth is.......someday I'm going to build a house with no closets in the bedrooms.  Built in bookcases are fine, but I love the look of armoires/wardrobes.

Truth is........Not only do we get to pay off a furnace, but we now also get to pay a higher gas bill.  SERIOUSLY?!  How the heck is it that a 40 year old furnace was far more efficient in gas usage than a new 95% efficient furnace?  Our gas bill is up $30.  I have lots of not nice words to say about this.  Keeping them in my head though.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Things we're enjoying

We got two great games for Christmas.  These games are fun for adults AND kids.  The first, is Qwirkle.

It's a very fun game where you have numerous tiles with 6 different shapes and 6 different colors, and it's kind of like dominos.  You make rows of either the same shape or the same color, without repeating the shape/color in a row.  If you make a row with all six shapes or a row with all six colors it is a qwirkle.  Drama Queen is awesome at this game!  And we play until all tiles are gone, so it's not a short game.  It lasted half an hour two nights ago and DQ asked if we could play again when we were done!  It says recommended for ages 6 and up on the box, but at 5, DQ has no problem getting the concept and is even starting to figure out strategy.  She won fair and square on Monday!

The other game we got is Battelo.

Drama Queen beat me at this game also, which is embarrassing because it's a memory game of 9 coloured tiles you  flip to move your panda around the forest to gather bamboo leaves.  The tiles don't change places, so you'd think it would be easy to win.  It was a fun game and another we look forward to playing each night.

Yesterday we went to the library and got a few books.  I really like two of the books the girls got.  One of the books Mischief picked she calls her "Munchie" book, because the art work is the same kawaii style as Menchie's frozen yogurt.  It is called You Are My Cupcake.
It is very simple with just food related nicknames parents may give their children and cute simple graphics to go with it.  The girls crack up at it though because we don't call them food names, so it's a novelty and silly.

The book I really really like is one Drama Queen got.  It is called Nora's Roses and is by Satomi Ichikawa.

 It has lovely illustrations and a just as lovely story about Nora who has been sick in bed.  Outside her windows are some roses and she watches various people she knows come by and pick a rose for one reason or another.  She falls asleep and dreams of the roses then wakes to find a "monster" has taken all but one rose, which she wants for herself, but how to keep it?  I really like this book and hope to one day add a copy of it to our home library.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm sitting here, looking through Utah jobs and it's terrifying.  Jobs are all so people oriented and require a pleasant and friendly disposition.  I just keep thinking, Ya, they don't require a specific educational degree for this position, but I'm not qualified, they'd never even consider me.  Then I come and start pulling up the location and phone numbers for past jobs and realize, oh.  Oh ya.  Wells Fargo..........Dave & Busters........DISNEYLAND.  Those ARE all "people friendly" jobs.  They are all guest/customer service related.  Oh.
I could do this once.
And then comes trying to write an "objective statement" for don't know how.  Yes, I wrote a resume once.  Might as well have been some past life.  "An objective statement is a one or two sentence statement about your career/position goal that relates to the position you are applying for and will show on your resume."  The other option I have is "A career summary is a brief summary of your qualifications that can be viewed on your resume by employers who are looking for applicants."


We need more income.  Due to the housing money Mr. Man gets from the G.I. Bill, we no longer qualify for food stamps.  We are barely scraping by.  I don't like it.  It leaves me stressed constantly.  I pay the bills.  Or at least I try to.  But the truth is (and I'm not writing this to backhandly ask for assistance for anyone, I just need to voice my frustration and worries) I'm tired of having to choose which bills get paid this month and which get to wait until next month.  Our credit rate is shot at this point.  I want to be able to pay all the bills on time.  I want to be able to occasionally go out to eat.  I want to be able to buy clothes that fit.  We're hoping that I can get a job at Target (it is hiring right now Mr. Man says, in preparation for the remodel they're going to be doing) so they can work around his schedule and hopefully we won't have to farm our kids out.

I've been very happy that we haven't had to ask for money in almost the last year.  Yes, my parents have helped in other, large, ways (Thank you so much!) like our furnace and roof.  And my mom single handedly keeps my kids clothed thanks to the wonderful yard sales and thrift stores California has.  But I want to keep up not having to have someone else aid in paying our bills.  So I'm getting a job. Or will attempt to.

I'm terrified of the "real" jobs that I apparently can do and was once able to do.  All I want is a job.  Retail would be fine.  Do I want to plaster a vaseline smile on my face and constantly have to say "Can I help you find something?"  No.  But I'll take it over fielding customer service calls.

It's funny.  While pulling up my job history information, I remembered that back when I applied at Wells Fargo, I also applied at R.C. Willey as Customer Service in the warehouse.   I got both jobs.  Had to choose which to go with (should have gone with R.C. Willey.  I didn't realize what a sales job a bank teller position is.  If there wasn't such a huge push for sales, I'd say a bank teller is THE perfect job.)

Anyway, back to job hunting and applying.  The girls all had trouble going to bed and I had caffiene so as to be able to deal pleasantly with them.  I imagine I'll be awake most of the night if not all.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll move my sewing machine to the man cave and get some sewing done.  I cut out 3 dresses this week and part of a jumper.  Two dresses are for my kids and the other two items for a little girl in California who's been waiting about a year for some clothes made just for her.
Yes, I've given up my dream of ever owning my own kids clothes company.  Even threw out the business cards because I just have no follow through.
I wonder if McDonald's is hiring.  Too bad Hogi Yogi is gone, I even know how to make about half their stuff..........Though you know what my ideal job is?  They used to make fun of me at Disneyland for wanting to do this.....

Housekeeping.  You know, go in, clean hotel rooms.  I've always been far better at cleaning other people's houses.  I work better, and faster, alone.  And it's minimal in interaction with guests/customers.
The other "cast members" at Disneyland (you're not called an employee or co-worker, you're a cast member) would say, and rudely I might add, "but you speak english!"  I say why should immigrants get all the fun?!

UPDATE:  I have now applied for somewhere between 8 and ten jobs.  I kind of lost count.  I'm done now though cause I'm tired of typing the same info over and over again.  Some are part time, some are full time, some are food service-in hospitals, some are random, some are office work, some are housekeeping.  We'll see if I get calls (*cringe* yes I know I'll have to get over many of the antisocial tendencies I've developed in the past 6 years).  At least I do have a black skirt and a blouse that fit that I can wear if I get any interviews!  The one I hope to hear back from most is this, the company is just up the street and does patches, emblems, and insignias on shirts:

Job Title:Embroiderer/Trimmer
Salary:$8.00 - $12.00 Hourly
Location:OREM, UT, 84057-3152
Description:An Orem employer is hiring an Embroiderer/Trimmer. Must have High School Diploma. Sewing experience is helpful but not required. Will trim threads, cut backing out, fold count and box, and will be trained to work on embroidery machine.
Open Date:1/9/2012
Close Date:2/9/2012
Education:High School Diploma
Days Off:Sat, Sun
Work Schedule:9am-5pm, 30-40 hrs/ week
Months of Experience:0
Lifting Requirement:Up to 20 lbs

In other only partially related news, DWS is SO confusing.  A few weeks ago we got a letter, that IN the letter it first said You are approved for $NAP and right after that on the same page it said we were not approved for it.  HUH?   So now I just got a letter that says the same thing but in regard to health insurance for the girls!  Oh and it also says that we are getting SNAP money in February.  SO I'm like, what is it?  I'm hoping that it turns out to be that they do get covered like we are actually getting a small SNAP.  I don't want to ask them and have them say the system screwed up and shouldn't be giving us anything.  We'll see if we get medicaid cards for January and february.  Infact I need to locate Hazel's January one so she can get her 6 month shots.

A letter.

Dear Treasurer for The Colonies HOA....

I would like to get our tax return in so we can get money. See, we had a baby last year so that means we get a decent sized refund.  The sooner we get said refund, the sooner:

  • We pay off our furnace
  • We get the car registration renewed
  • I can legitimately go kid clothes shopping because my 5 year old needs size 6 clothes.  And I fully intend to drive up to Salt Lake so I can go to Naartjie.  More expensive than the thrift store?  Yes.  But being the mother of three girls, I've come to the conclusion that since these clothes will be worn by three children, not only should they be good quality and cute, but really, I might as well LOVE them.  and I am rather fond of Naartjie's current Spring Transition line.  The Spring 1 line, not so much, but the transition line yes, and the winter and fall lines which are on clearance right now which I am MISSING.  The trauma.  Amazing Naartjie dresses disappearing for $12.....
  • We can get a step closer to being out of debt (again).  This time though, we've already got the cards all deactivated before paying them off because well, that's our down fall.  We get out of debt, then the man loses hours and our income goes down and we end up living off the credit cards.  It was a horrible cycle.  Went through it twice in 5 years.  Really.  Got married, I had a little nest egg, the man had a large debt.  Paid off his debt, got a credit card so we could start building our credit (and cause Sam's Club Discover did cash back, loved getting an $80 check at the beginning of each year!) then his hours at RC Willey dropped and we used the credit card to pay bills and buy groceries while his pay check paid for rent.  He changed jobs twice, trying to get better pay, we got out of debt.  Then I started us back in debt with a depression relieving spending spree (retail therapy works, until you get the bill), and we started paying it off only to have his hours at Target cut in HALF, so we lived off our tax return as long as we could and then turned to the credit card until we got on food stamps.  Long story short, SAVE MONEY, PAY IN CASH!!  You never need a credit card!  If you don't have enough cash, keep saving!  We can learn much from the people of Jamaica, they build their houses a brick at a time, literally.  They build it as they can afford it.  Yes this means many live in shacks built of a modge podge of materials, but there are also some lovely cinderblock and rebar homes that you can see in progress there.  
So you see, I would appreciate it if we got our W-2 before February (when the car needs the registration renewed).  Thank you.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Drama Queen is a sweetheart.  That's why the type of trouble she's having in school is kind of frustrating to me.  It's not only at school that she is the way she is, but in correcting the problem, I fear she'll lose that goodness.  See, the trouble is, she wants to help everyone else, before she does things for herself.  This means her work in class doesn't get done, because she spends the time helping the other kids at her table.  Sometimes she is helpful truely, and sometimes well she's just nit-picky about other people's work (lol).  At home she does the same thing.  She'll encourage Mischief to eat while neglecting to eat her own food or will spend 20 minutes trying to get Mischief into pajamas when she infact was the one asked to get pajamas on.
It's sweet.  I want her to retain the desire and inclination to put caring for others a priority, but she also needs to learn to take care of herself and her own work.

How do we teach her to do her stuff first, without losing that giving/caring spirit?

PS there were no individual Fancy pictures of DQ because she could not hold still.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Fancy Nancy Party

Last week after they girls cleaned their room, they decided to have a Fancy Nancy Party.  Everyone (the girls and their pets) got dressed up fancy.  Cake and cookies were served, and Christmas lights added an extra bit of festiveness to it.

Mischief is in love with these popcorn cobs we bought yesterday.  I found a craigslist listing to get potatoes for cheap.  The guy also had butternut squash (massive ones) for $3 each and popcorn cobs for 50 cents each.  He threw in 3 onions for free.  I love cheap organic and local.  Well, his family's farm is in Idaho, but that's fairly local, right?

We threw one cob in a paper bag, folded the top over a few times then microwaved for two and a half minutes.  Delicious!  Very much more flavorful than the kernels we buy in bulk at Winco.

Friday, January 13, 2012

One of the classes Mr. Man is taking this semester is a history class.  He's had two classes so far, and after the first mentioned that his teacher was entertaining.  Today he had a story:
"[The teacher], Shes an older lady, in her 50s or 60s and has a habit of calling us "adorable".  Today when we were handing in our papers, she was calling everyone adorable and when I got up to her I said, "Oh I don't want to be adorable, I just strive to be cute".  She looked startled for a moment then said, "No, you know what I'd call you?  Scrumptious."  And my husband (being the quick witted one he occasionally is) responded, "So should I start singing Toot-sweet?"  No one in the class got it, but the teacher started laughing."

Do you get it?
Today I was able to go shopping.  I got pull ups and diapers (which I'm pondering if I should return and just move Hazel up to the next size instead...) I also got more formula for Hazel.  And I got a B vitamin complex and fenugreek.  I was going to get Blessed Thistle as well, but The Herb Shop was out.  I'll probably check Sunflower later.  I'm done being out though.  I'm going to make Jordan go up to Herriman to get our 60 pounds of red potatoes (cause the guy is out of yukon golds, i should have called yesterday instead of posting about it on facebook first).  I just watch too much Criminal Minds and I'd rather send my husband for potatoes posted by someone on Craigslist.  It's a fabulous deal and I'm looking forward to it, a gal in the ward (Sara, who I've mentioned before) went in with me on a bag, cause 30 lbs is far more reasonable.

Anyway, Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle.  My milk still isn't returning like it should.  I make Hazel nurse and nurse before I consider a bottle, but in the end she still has 5 or 6 bottles a day.  I tried pumping in between feedings, but that's exhausting (Mooo) and disappointing, as I am only getting ONE ounce after 20 minutes of pumping.  I used to get 4 ounces in ten minutes.  Soy formula is expensive and constipates Hazel.  I asked a friend who is a professional breastfeeder (hehehe, really!  Remember the facebook nurse in? She was on the news.  Just this past month, the Target Nurse in, she was there.)  and she refered me to which has great advice.  Only trouble is I'm afraid to take Hazel off the bottle all together and have a grumpy fussy baby for a few days.  But as we're at the bottom of another can, should I just do it?  Go cold turkey on the bottle and make her continue nursing up my milk supply?  I admit I fear my milk will never come back in full enough to feed her.  And that's why I'm taking fenugreek now To kind of give me the extra reassurance that my body can do this.  A single bottle of it should be enough to get my milk supply up for sure.  At least that's my thought process.  And I've now convinced myself to return the new canister of formula and deal with a fussy baby for a few days.  So if I blog even less and don't want to answer the phone, it'll be due to a lack of sleep and trying to stay sane via my b vitamins rather than caffiene.

And that's that.

Just talked to Mr. Man and he's going to go get our potatoes (and now butternut squash and ears of popcorn as well).  He's very willing due to the hope that he knows the guy since the guy is from Herriman and that city only recently got their own high school, so maybe he went to high school with the guy.

And here is a random picture just for the sake of having a picture and cause Mr. Man figured out how to get the scanner to work so I could post it on facebook......
Homecoming Dance - 2001
There was no theme.  We were just awesome like that.......

And just because I'm vain about myself in this picture.....
*Ah* Newlyweds......

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AppSumo is giving away a MacBook Air.  Click here to enter to win it!

I am sorry for the lack of blog posts.  I'm going with what Thumper's dad says.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Cue "Jaws" music.......

Hazel hass started getting that tummy up off the floor.  On hands and knees, rocking.  Sometimes getting her whole bum in the air.  Of course the only direction she is going still is backwards.  But she's starting to get fast and than and is figuring out how to steer!!

Fabulous!! Make your own Matryoshka.

Remember those felt Matryoshka dolls I made for the girls while pregnant and lazy last summer?  The ones I had gotten the idea for from Sarahndipities on etsy?

  I recieved quite a few comments on them including many people asking how much for me to make them for them.  I never responded because I SUCK at sewing for other people.  While the sewing I do for other people is fine quality wise, I am ridiculously irresponsible when it comes to time management and efficiently getting things made and mailed (just ask Jennifer). Anyway, my point is, they're super cute dolls and you know it, but you, like I, don't want to pay $20 for one.  Well guess what!!!  Sarah of Sarahndipities is now selling a pattern and tutorial for making them.  You can now make as many as you want for a very reasonable price!!  Go check it out, they are darling dolls, commonly referred to as "baby" here.  And you don't have to try and make it up as you go like I did!

My Newest obsession: My Child dolls

Do YOU remember My Child dolls?  I don't I was 2 when they came out and 4 when they stopped being sold.  Apparently they are Mattel's answer to Coleco's Cabbage Patch dolls.
How did I discover them?  Well it started like this.....hop on to ebay to browse barbies and prices.....think hmmm, I did once like barbies, infact I LOVED my Heart Family....browse Heart Family on grateful I no longer use my ebay account, cause we have lots of browsing the Heart Family, which is actual not a "Barbie" but an "other" doll by Mattel, I ran into other "other dolls"  like Herself the Elf.....Baby Beans.....Softina....oh the memories.  But I kept seeing these ADORABLE baby dolls that seemed to be all cloth.
And I swear they look just like my kids!

Like I need this one, cause it is SO totally Mischief:

And doesn't this sweet girl make you think of Drama Queen back when she had fringe(bangs)?


So if you ever spot one of these dolls, of any hair/eye color or condition, I WANT IT.  So adorable.  There's even a My Child Workshop webpage that tells you how to take care of any well loved ones you find.  I have nothing against Cabbage Patch dolls, I had a number of them throughout my life, but honestly?  These are way cuter!  How did they not last?  Oh that's right, the year they stopped being sold is the year Mattel bought the Cabbage Patch Kids from Coleco.  Poo.  Forget borderline creepy reborns, I'd like a houseful of My Child dolls!

Oh, and Mr. Man thinks they are adorable too, and has stated that I should find them for the girls for their birthdays.  I'm so not joking or stretching the truth on that.  His exact words were "Those would make good birthday gifts for the girls this year."  And so the hunt begins.  It is possible to find them in good to fair condition for around $25, so it's not impossible and I have at minimum 5 months to find just the right one for each.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


While we were out today hunting for thrift store Barbie dresses (fail) and instead discovering a larger bike for Maddie to earn ($10 and it's tires are still good and it's in other wise good condition minus the seat, but we'll just put the seat from her too mall bike on it.) Mr. Man and I were talking about what would happen to the US if someone were to attack our power grid.  Mainly conversation went like this:
"Everything now-days relies on some form of computer and electricity and there's only so long that generators can work."
"And you know who the only people who would not be effected are?  The Amish."
"I wonder if anyone is going to them asking how to do farming and crop production without the aid of mass machinery."
*insert long schpeal about Heirloom/Organic gardening here*

Okay, I didn't actually go and tell him that the Amish aren't the only ones who know how to produce their own food off grid, but I am please *hence the Mwa-ha-ha* to now know how to catch my husband's interest in being self reliant/off grid.  I did instead proceed to explain that that is why I really want to learn to cook with a dutch oven as more than a camping treat and how this summer I will be making a solar oven to try out.

I'm so ready to order this year's seeds!!  I'm totally going to attempt to grow dent corn along the back of the trailer next to the back garden.  It'll go right into our food storage to use for flour and meal.  This year I'm going to learn to make corn tortillas and tamales and will hopefully master cornbread from scratch (I've failed terribly so far and always go back to the jiffy mix).  
Eventually I want to grow and store Amaranth and hull-less oats as well.  I only really have room to grow one grain at a time right now I think.
I like the idea of growing corn since you can grow beans or pumpkins right along with the corn.

I attempted to sew a Barbie dress.  And failed.

Truth is........

Truth is.....I feel kinda stupid today.  I didn't even check the thrift store for barbies yesterday because I remembered the last time I bought one there (one of the supporting characters from the Barbie Rapunzel movie) it was $3.99, the dress was lovely but her hair not so much.  Mischief and I went to the thrift store today because after researching barbie dresses, which is all Drama Queen wants, I determined that we should check the thrift store for any barbies wearing nice dresses, because $3.99 for a dress is a deal!  I guess I bought that barbie sometime before their half off sale (twice a year), they always raise the prices a month or two before it.  Cause we got 5 gown wearing Barbies (well one was imitation, but she had a nice dress) for $10.  *pounding head on desk*

Truth is....I really want the Heart Family again.  I'm oogling them on ebay.  You can buy them new in box even.  Yes you pay a far bit, but do you know how easily that lavender dress snags?

Truth is......we're all a bit sleep deprived here today.  Hazel Mae didn't really want to sleep last night, and Mischief had a fever and was so congested she kept choking and snoring and waking herself up.  Mr. Man heard all of Hazel's complaints but didn't even realize the Mischief ones.  Yet he gets to sleep in today so he can be a happy parent.

Truth is......I want to do nothing useful today, but that's not an option.  Dumb life.

Truth is......I do plan on posting about the cruise sooner than later.  I think everyone one should go on a cruise.  And if you're rich you should just bounce from one cruise to another.

Truth is...I keep trying to think of things that are funny and light-hearted to post, but it's not working.

Truth is........My head is bouncing from:  do dishes, vacuum, shoot - do laundry, call DWS, I still need to get the stuff to Sis. Wayas!, I owe so many people sewing stuff! (okay two, maybe three),  and of course, I know I'm forgetting something...........

Truth is.....I'm feeling a bit better now, after discovering the bills have been processed and we still have money in our account!!

Truth is.......that means I finally ordered Hazel's birth certificate!  It's looking like DWS (department of workforce services) is going to require it for verification and we need it for WIC anyway.

Truth is......I'm on hold with DWS right now for the "telephone interview" part of re-applying (for CHEC and SNAP).  It said wait time was approximately 5's been 27.

Truth is.......Hazel Mae is crying, but I'm busy being productive.  The man can wake up and take care of her.

Truth is.......I should remember that doing things I don't want to do makes me feel better about life.  It makes me feel capable.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why Mischief tends to be given things more often than DQ.

When handed a box of barbies (four barbies one box, Walmart clearance), Drama Queen's looks at it and says, "Why did you buy just this one?"
Where as Mischief sits there for a good 10 minutes gushing about how she loves them and they are beautiful and thanks mom!

Ya, DQ didn't get to stay up and play with them at all after she said that.  I threatened to take them back since they obviously weren't good enough for her.  Then I opened it to look at them myself and that's when Mischief came over and appreciated them.

*sigh*  Children!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tutu Tuesday

Mischief: Bunnies eat orange?
Me: I bet bunnies would love oranges.
Mischief: And bunnies eat carrot!
Me: That's right they do.

Mischief: Oh, 'nother bean.
Me: Put the seed in the trash.
Mischief: Seed?!
Me: Yes, tangerine seed.
Mischief: Grow in garden!
Me: Well you could try but I don't think it'd work.
The girls watched The Princess and the Frog this morning and just before the credits I noticed something in the picture.  I rewound, paused it, then pulled up our New Orleans post to show Drama Queen. Jackson Square with the Cathedral behind.  Just like on the tv!

After two weeks on formula, Hazel Mae turned into a baby DQ.  Drama Queen was a thoroughly disagreeable child.  Wanted nothing to do with sleep and spent every afternoon and evening screaming.  We didn't know she had a dairy allergy.  With Hazel Mae doing the same we determined it was the formula, which was cow milk based and I've been working harder at getting her to nurse more (she nursed twice last night and only needed one bottle, woo hoo!) as well as transitioning her to soy formula just in case.  Over the last week she has successfully gone from 100% generic "gentlease" formula to 2/3 soy and 1/3 dairy.  A few more days and she'll be on all soy until the can is gone and then she'll hopefully be back on nursing full time.  She has started sleeping again is doesn't cry quite as much.

One day we were driving up to Salt Lake and DQ was sitting in her seat singing song after song about the most random things.  Mr. Man was just quietly laughing and shaking his head when I fessed up that when I was pregnant with her I prayed often that our kid would love music and randomly break out in song, like in a broadway musical.  He gave quite a nice reaction and now blames me everytime she's randomly singing.

Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson in time.  While pregnant with Mischief I prayed for a child as creative and mischievous as Eloise.  Time will tell.....but so far the kid has ever sign of being an Eloise, and infact this morning requested to watch Eloise, which we are doing now.

Thank you to Aunt Mary for the food!!
After we picked up DQ from school we swung by Roberts craft to see if there was any cardstock packs left. Roberts is going out of business, and this week everything that's left is down to 75% off.  They did have red and pink like we were looking for but I discovered they had felting needles and felting needle holders!  So instead we got two sheets of dark red and two sheets of pink and a few other things as well as a needle holder.  DQ was ecstatic that she got to buy a set of wood craft hearts all by herself.  After we checked out I noticed that they were less than a dollar so I grabbed another bag, handed DQ the dollar we had left and she stood in line by herself and bought them.  She was more thrilled with getting to keep the 9 cents change.........

When we arrived home there was a bag of KFC at our door.  Woo hoo.  That is a gorgeous picture of Berkley, Aunt Mary, Thank you!!