And here they are again.....

Thank you Namma for the gorgeous outfit!
Today we had DQ's parent teacher conference.  And, of course, our child is brilliant.  Her Progress Report says that on a scale of:
AA   A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H
Her current grade level is at level A.  Drama Queen is at.........level D.  :)  That's my reader!!
She got moved to a different table a few weeks ago and today we found out why.....not because she was spending more time helping others.....not because she talks alot.......because the entire table that had been together before, they were "the smart kids" and were finished at least 5 minutes ahead of all the other kids.  And so the teacher separated them so that when they are working on worksheets and things, they are at tables with other kids, which distracts them, and they take longer. LOL
I've done a little online research and it looks like they do what I call G.A.T.E. (gifted and talented education) testing in 2nd grade.  It's called A.L.L.(accelerated learning lab) here, and while you do testing in 2nd grade, you aren't a part of it until 3rd grade. Here's what the district webpage says: 
"The Accelerated Learning Lab, or A.L.L.  is the district program offered to elementary students grade 3 to grade 6.  The curriculum is built upon the Utah State Core, with students moving at an accelerated rate in math, reading advanced level literature, and going deeper and broader in science and social studies.  Music and art will be threaded throughout the curriculum as well.

Placement in the A.L.L. class is intended to be a two-year commitment.  Students test in their 2nd grade year for the third/fourth program and 4th grade for fifth/sixth grade placement.   4th grade students who have successfully maintained appropriate behavior and academic expectation levels are automatically moved on to the 5th grade A.L.L.
Testing will be done in November of the students’ 2nd and 4th grade year and placement will be viewed as a two-year commitment. Students may test in 3rd and 5th grade for placement but due to the nature of the program, placement is limited to any openings that become available as other students withdraw from the program."
So until then I guess she'll just have to deal with whatever the teachers choose.  And then, this is all assuming she is "accelerated" enough, she may or may not get to be in the accelerated program?  Was California like this?  It never seemed to me to be a difficult thing to be in a G.A.T.E. class!

When we go with Drama Queen to lunch, as she is eating in the cafeteria now and loving it, the lunch ladies always gush over Mischief.  The curls catch their eye
and then the overall cute pocket-sizedness of her turns grandmother age women into........well their grandmotherly instincts tend to oooooze out.
 This is good because I don't have $2.50 to buy lunch for Mischief and she gets highly offended if she doesn't get to eat when Drama Queen does.  So they all turn a blind eye to the extra sides Drama Queen gets as well as while Mischief eats those extra sides.  
And Hazel Mae is just cute.


Burnham's said…
I love Mischiefs choice of box. I saw it and thought, corn for the corny :) I don't like the idea of trying to slow down the smart kids. Why not give them something a little more challenging or reward them for their intellegence instead of trying to slow them down? :(
AbigailDawn said…
That was my thought as well! I don't know if Utah has a G.A.T.E. program, but I really really hope they do, cause I don't want this happening every year!
Laurel said…
G.A.T.E. testing began in 1st grade and G.A.T.E. classes began in 2nd grade and went all the way up to 8th. You could be tested in other grades too. It was very difficult to get into the G.A.T.E. magnet (where the entire class is identified G.A.T.E.) class, b/c there was only one class per grade in the entire district. The class was always full to capacity (33 students) and if any student ever left for any reason the next kid on the waiting list joined. There was a long waiting list. Most kids that were on the waiting list for the magnet were in a G.A.T.E. cluster class. Cluster classes were ones where some of the students were identified G.A.T.E., but not all. There were lots of cluster classes at each school in the district and they were easier to get into.

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