Cruise Part 1

Random pictures in no particular order from our week long cruise.
Mr. Man and I on a boat in  the Grand Caymans about to head out for some snorkeling/star fish hunting/sting ray dodging.  That's right.  Sting Rays are second only to spider on my list of things to fear.  And second only because I will never have to encounter them again.
 Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.
 Tulum Ruins - Mexico

 Mr. Man on a beach in Mexico.  He looked at the water......then went and sat in a chair......


Julianna said…
I forgot you were going on a cruise... so jealous.

We looked into a cruise for next summer. Sadly, $5K is just not in the cards with the sunroom demo that has to happen, and the new beds that need to happen for the kids. (their mattresses are 30 years old...UGH!)
My goodness, that looks like a fabulous trip!! You must have LOVED it! You know I used to live in that part of Mexico? Its beautiful. And I officially declare myself totally jealous of your cruise! I WANT I WANT I WANT!!
Burnham's said…
Glad you had fun! Glad you are back too! I missed you!

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