Drama Queen is a sweetheart.  That's why the type of trouble she's having in school is kind of frustrating to me.  It's not only at school that she is the way she is, but in correcting the problem, I fear she'll lose that goodness.  See, the trouble is, she wants to help everyone else, before she does things for herself.  This means her work in class doesn't get done, because she spends the time helping the other kids at her table.  Sometimes she is helpful truely, and sometimes well she's just nit-picky about other people's work (lol).  At home she does the same thing.  She'll encourage Mischief to eat while neglecting to eat her own food or will spend 20 minutes trying to get Mischief into pajamas when she infact was the one asked to get pajamas on.
It's sweet.  I want her to retain the desire and inclination to put caring for others a priority, but she also needs to learn to take care of herself and her own work.

How do we teach her to do her stuff first, without losing that giving/caring spirit?

PS there were no individual Fancy pictures of DQ because she could not hold still.


sleepless said…
On airplanes they tell you to do your own oxygen mask first before helping anhyone else with theirs. I would keep reminding her of that concept.
Laurel said…
I have been thinking about this since you posted it. I think I would just tell her what you told us. That you love that she wants to help, but that she needs to get her own work done first. She is a thoughtful girl and I think she would understand if you talked it out with her.

Also, Natalie does that some times in an effort to avoid her own work.

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