Fabulous!! Make your own Matryoshka.

Remember those felt Matryoshka dolls I made for the girls while pregnant and lazy last summer?  The ones I had gotten the idea for from Sarahndipities on etsy?

  I recieved quite a few comments on them including many people asking how much for me to make them for them.  I never responded because I SUCK at sewing for other people.  While the sewing I do for other people is fine quality wise, I am ridiculously irresponsible when it comes to time management and efficiently getting things made and mailed (just ask Jennifer). Anyway, my point is, they're super cute dolls and you know it, but you, like I, don't want to pay $20 for one.  Well guess what!!!  Sarah of Sarahndipities is now selling a pattern and tutorial for making them.  You can now make as many as you want for a very reasonable price!!  Go check it out, they are darling dolls, commonly referred to as "baby" here.  And you don't have to try and make it up as you go like I did!


sarahdipities said…
You are too sweet! Thanks for sharing the link to the pattern! I think your dolls turned out ADORABLY!!!

~ Sarah

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