Fancy Nancy Party

Last week after they girls cleaned their room, they decided to have a Fancy Nancy Party.  Everyone (the girls and their pets) got dressed up fancy.  Cake and cookies were served, and Christmas lights added an extra bit of festiveness to it.

Mischief is in love with these popcorn cobs we bought yesterday.  I found a craigslist listing to get potatoes for cheap.  The guy also had butternut squash (massive ones) for $3 each and popcorn cobs for 50 cents each.  He threw in 3 onions for free.  I love cheap organic and local.  Well, his family's farm is in Idaho, but that's fairly local, right?

We threw one cob in a paper bag, folded the top over a few times then microwaved for two and a half minutes.  Delicious!  Very much more flavorful than the kernels we buy in bulk at Winco.


sleepless said…
did they pop like popcorn ? Love the fancy Nancy party.
Julianna said…
OH! Popcorn on the cob... how fun! My niece had a fancy nancy party for her 6th birthday. IT was quite the extravaganza... I did the face painting. :)
Laurel said…
Cute! Why no pictures of DQ all fancy?

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