A letter.

Dear Treasurer for The Colonies HOA....

I would like to get our tax return in so we can get money. See, we had a baby last year so that means we get a decent sized refund.  The sooner we get said refund, the sooner:

  • We pay off our furnace
  • We get the car registration renewed
  • I can legitimately go kid clothes shopping because my 5 year old needs size 6 clothes.  And I fully intend to drive up to Salt Lake so I can go to Naartjie.  More expensive than the thrift store?  Yes.  But being the mother of three girls, I've come to the conclusion that since these clothes will be worn by three children, not only should they be good quality and cute, but really, I might as well LOVE them.  and I am rather fond of Naartjie's current Spring Transition line.  The Spring 1 line, not so much, but the transition line yes, and the winter and fall lines which are on clearance right now which I am MISSING.  The trauma.  Amazing Naartjie dresses disappearing for $12.....
  • We can get a step closer to being out of debt (again).  This time though, we've already got the cards all deactivated before paying them off because well, that's our down fall.  We get out of debt, then the man loses hours and our income goes down and we end up living off the credit cards.  It was a horrible cycle.  Went through it twice in 5 years.  Really.  Got married, I had a little nest egg, the man had a large debt.  Paid off his debt, got a credit card so we could start building our credit (and cause Sam's Club Discover did cash back, loved getting an $80 check at the beginning of each year!) then his hours at RC Willey dropped and we used the credit card to pay bills and buy groceries while his pay check paid for rent.  He changed jobs twice, trying to get better pay, we got out of debt.  Then I started us back in debt with a depression relieving spending spree (retail therapy works, until you get the bill), and we started paying it off only to have his hours at Target cut in HALF, so we lived off our tax return as long as we could and then turned to the credit card until we got on food stamps.  Long story short, SAVE MONEY, PAY IN CASH!!  You never need a credit card!  If you don't have enough cash, keep saving!  We can learn much from the people of Jamaica, they build their houses a brick at a time, literally.  They build it as they can afford it.  Yes this means many live in shacks built of a modge podge of materials, but there are also some lovely cinderblock and rebar homes that you can see in progress there.  
So you see, I would appreciate it if we got our W-2 before February (when the car needs the registration renewed).  Thank you.


TopHat said…
Can I say "ditto?" We didn't have a baby last year, but we didn't get all our tax forms until April 1 last year and that was a headache.

W-2s are supposed to be sent out by Jan. 15, so I think you'll get yours soon.
Anonymous said…
w2's actually don't have to be sent out until Jan 31st so yo should still be good for feb but by law they have until the end of the month... sorry if thats bad news
Julianna said…

Big sigh.

We are finally getting an accountant because our taxes have become exponentially difficult this year. But the pay off is that the return should be large.

I'll send some good Mojo your way. :)

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