Mischief knows how to work the people around her.  She either gets out of or reduces her time outs by doing/saying something that leaves us cracking up.  She's got this grin that lets us know she knows exactly what she's doing.  Little bugger!  Her latest habit though involves pulling at heartstrings.  For the last few weeks all we hear is "I hungry.  I hungry mom.  I hungry."  From the moment she wakes up, until you are tucking her in bed, she is declaring she is hungry.  Even when she has food in front of her.  But she's now added on to that with, "Will you feed me?"
 It's like really child?  Really?  Honestly, I'm afraid she'll say that to someone else and they'll think we keep her locked in a closet without food or water.  And so she's our hobbit.  She has first breakfast, second breakfast, as well as thirdsies.
Today she started with a big bowl of Crispy Rice and milk.  Ate it all gone.  Moved on to some cookies and turkey meat.  Now she's having a bowl of oatmeal.

 Since dinner will be turkey and rice, I think I'd better get started making some corn tortillas for lunch.  I try to keep some variety for her rather than feed her rice all the time.  Or perhaps I'll dig through the cupboard and find some quinoa if we have any left.
Speaking of the weirdo, she is now sitting at the table playing with two cookies......like they're dolls.  She's unique.  At least the cookies are getting smaller as she is taking a bite every so often.  Oh Mischief.  I hope you always are able to find humor in life and make it a bit happier for those around you as well!


Laurel said…
She makes me think of Rollie from 101 Dalmatians, "I'm hungry Mother, I really am."

Her hair is getting longer!
sleepless said…
What a hoot !! I wonder if she will be like her uncle and skip size 3 altogether.

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