While we were out today hunting for thrift store Barbie dresses (fail) and instead discovering a larger bike for Maddie to earn ($10 and it's tires are still good and it's in other wise good condition minus the seat, but we'll just put the seat from her too mall bike on it.) Mr. Man and I were talking about what would happen to the US if someone were to attack our power grid.  Mainly conversation went like this:
"Everything now-days relies on some form of computer and electricity and there's only so long that generators can work."
"And you know who the only people who would not be effected are?  The Amish."
"I wonder if anyone is going to them asking how to do farming and crop production without the aid of mass machinery."
*insert long schpeal about Heirloom/Organic gardening here*

Okay, I didn't actually go and tell him that the Amish aren't the only ones who know how to produce their own food off grid, but I am please *hence the Mwa-ha-ha* to now know how to catch my husband's interest in being self reliant/off grid.  I did instead proceed to explain that that is why I really want to learn to cook with a dutch oven as more than a camping treat and how this summer I will be making a solar oven to try out.

I'm so ready to order this year's seeds!!  I'm totally going to attempt to grow dent corn along the back of the trailer next to the back garden.  It'll go right into our food storage to use for flour and meal.  This year I'm going to learn to make corn tortillas and tamales and will hopefully master cornbread from scratch (I've failed terribly so far and always go back to the jiffy mix).  
Eventually I want to grow and store Amaranth and hull-less oats as well.  I only really have room to grow one grain at a time right now I think.
I like the idea of growing corn since you can grow beans or pumpkins right along with the corn.

I attempted to sew a Barbie dress.  And failed.


Laurel said…
I'm excited to start planning my garden this year too!
Freth Stifter said…
What kind of solar oven are you going to make?
One of those big 4' x 8' political signs (the losing candidate) would make a great one.

It's the hottest cooking one that I've made so far ... a camping pot, inside a turkey cooking bag, supported on 3 chips of something (just to keep it off the bottom) really cooks. (you don't necessarily have to have those glass bowls.)
Or you can just make one out of carboard that will fit a 10 lb. roaster pot (diagonally) ... that worked too.
Emily Robertson said…
So I know that this is way later than when you wrote this, but I have an amazing cornbread recipe that is super easy. And I want to make tamales too! We should do them together sometime!

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