My Newest obsession: My Child dolls

Do YOU remember My Child dolls?  I don't I was 2 when they came out and 4 when they stopped being sold.  Apparently they are Mattel's answer to Coleco's Cabbage Patch dolls.
How did I discover them?  Well it started like this.....hop on to ebay to browse barbies and prices.....think hmmm, I did once like barbies, infact I LOVED my Heart Family....browse Heart Family on grateful I no longer use my ebay account, cause we have lots of browsing the Heart Family, which is actual not a "Barbie" but an "other" doll by Mattel, I ran into other "other dolls"  like Herself the Elf.....Baby Beans.....Softina....oh the memories.  But I kept seeing these ADORABLE baby dolls that seemed to be all cloth.
And I swear they look just like my kids!

Like I need this one, cause it is SO totally Mischief:

And doesn't this sweet girl make you think of Drama Queen back when she had fringe(bangs)?


So if you ever spot one of these dolls, of any hair/eye color or condition, I WANT IT.  So adorable.  There's even a My Child Workshop webpage that tells you how to take care of any well loved ones you find.  I have nothing against Cabbage Patch dolls, I had a number of them throughout my life, but honestly?  These are way cuter!  How did they not last?  Oh that's right, the year they stopped being sold is the year Mattel bought the Cabbage Patch Kids from Coleco.  Poo.  Forget borderline creepy reborns, I'd like a houseful of My Child dolls!

Oh, and Mr. Man thinks they are adorable too, and has stated that I should find them for the girls for their birthdays.  I'm so not joking or stretching the truth on that.  His exact words were "Those would make good birthday gifts for the girls this year."  And so the hunt begins.  It is possible to find them in good to fair condition for around $25, so it's not impossible and I have at minimum 5 months to find just the right one for each.


sleepless said…
They are cute and innocent looking !
Jamie Hatch said…
I still have mine sitting in a box, I'll remember Ava if I ever decide to part. She has blonde curly hair just like Ava's. I'd named her Francis, she was one of my favorite Dolls! They are still super cute!

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