Picnik is going away! and fairy houses

Despite other options online, my favorite photo editing source, Picnik.com is going away.  Google + is taking it and renaming it it sounds like.  Anyway, until April 19th, all the features are free!!  No premium membership needed!!  That's fabulous.  Cause I was able to take this cute picture of Drama Queen:

And go KA-POW!!
Don't you just love the mud on her forehead?  She's very busy at work outside!  Since the snow finally came, she's been concerned for the fairies.  So she's out there building them a house:

 And she left them some food too, "cause there's none growing in the garden."


Julianna said…
I hate that picnik is leaving. :( Especially because I haven't any time to take pictures right now so I can use the upgrades.
Laurel said…
I am very sad about Picnik, I use it ALL THE TIME. Plus, I was already a premium member, so although the refund will be nice, I'm not getting any extra tools.

I've always wanted to make fairy houses with the kids, but never got around to it. Very cute!
sleepless said…
I LOVE IT !!! What a thoughtful girl !!

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