I'm sitting here, looking through Utah jobs and it's terrifying.  Jobs are all so people oriented and require a pleasant and friendly disposition.  I just keep thinking, Ya, they don't require a specific educational degree for this position, but I'm not qualified, they'd never even consider me.  Then I come and start pulling up the location and phone numbers for past jobs and realize, oh.  Oh ya.  Wells Fargo..........Dave & Busters........DISNEYLAND.  Those ARE all "people friendly" jobs.  They are all guest/customer service related.  Oh.
I could do this once.
And then comes trying to write an "objective statement" for jobs.utah.gov...........I don't know how.  Yes, I wrote a resume once.  Might as well have been some past life.  "An objective statement is a one or two sentence statement about your career/position goal that relates to the position you are applying for and will show on your resume."  The other option I have is "A career summary is a brief summary of your qualifications that can be viewed on your resume by employers who are looking for applicants."


We need more income.  Due to the housing money Mr. Man gets from the G.I. Bill, we no longer qualify for food stamps.  We are barely scraping by.  I don't like it.  It leaves me stressed constantly.  I pay the bills.  Or at least I try to.  But the truth is (and I'm not writing this to backhandly ask for assistance for anyone, I just need to voice my frustration and worries) I'm tired of having to choose which bills get paid this month and which get to wait until next month.  Our credit rate is shot at this point.  I want to be able to pay all the bills on time.  I want to be able to occasionally go out to eat.  I want to be able to buy clothes that fit.  We're hoping that I can get a job at Target (it is hiring right now Mr. Man says, in preparation for the remodel they're going to be doing) so they can work around his schedule and hopefully we won't have to farm our kids out.

I've been very happy that we haven't had to ask for money in almost the last year.  Yes, my parents have helped in other, large, ways (Thank you so much!) like our furnace and roof.  And my mom single handedly keeps my kids clothed thanks to the wonderful yard sales and thrift stores California has.  But I want to keep up not having to have someone else aid in paying our bills.  So I'm getting a job. Or will attempt to.

I'm terrified of the "real" jobs that I apparently can do and was once able to do.  All I want is a job.  Retail would be fine.  Do I want to plaster a vaseline smile on my face and constantly have to say "Can I help you find something?"  No.  But I'll take it over fielding customer service calls.

It's funny.  While pulling up my job history information, I remembered that back when I applied at Wells Fargo, I also applied at R.C. Willey as Customer Service in the warehouse.   I got both jobs.  Had to choose which to go with (should have gone with R.C. Willey.  I didn't realize what a sales job a bank teller position is.  If there wasn't such a huge push for sales, I'd say a bank teller is THE perfect job.)

Anyway, back to job hunting and applying.  The girls all had trouble going to bed and I had caffiene so as to be able to deal pleasantly with them.  I imagine I'll be awake most of the night if not all.  Oh well.  Maybe I'll move my sewing machine to the man cave and get some sewing done.  I cut out 3 dresses this week and part of a jumper.  Two dresses are for my kids and the other two items for a little girl in California who's been waiting about a year for some clothes made just for her.
Yes, I've given up my dream of ever owning my own kids clothes company.  Even threw out the business cards because I just have no follow through.
I wonder if McDonald's is hiring.  Too bad Hogi Yogi is gone, I even know how to make about half their stuff..........Though you know what my ideal job is?  They used to make fun of me at Disneyland for wanting to do this.....

Housekeeping.  You know, go in, clean hotel rooms.  I've always been far better at cleaning other people's houses.  I work better, and faster, alone.  And it's minimal in interaction with guests/customers.
The other "cast members" at Disneyland (you're not called an employee or co-worker, you're a cast member) would say, and rudely I might add, "but you speak english!"  I say why should immigrants get all the fun?!

UPDATE:  I have now applied for somewhere between 8 and ten jobs.  I kind of lost count.  I'm done now though cause I'm tired of typing the same info over and over again.  Some are part time, some are full time, some are food service-in hospitals, some are random, some are office work, some are housekeeping.  We'll see if I get calls (*cringe* yes I know I'll have to get over many of the antisocial tendencies I've developed in the past 6 years).  At least I do have a black skirt and a blouse that fit that I can wear if I get any interviews!  The one I hope to hear back from most is this, the company is just up the street and does patches, emblems, and insignias on shirts:

Job Title:Embroiderer/Trimmer
Salary:$8.00 - $12.00 Hourly
Location:OREM, UT, 84057-3152
Description:An Orem employer is hiring an Embroiderer/Trimmer. Must have High School Diploma. Sewing experience is helpful but not required. Will trim threads, cut backing out, fold count and box, and will be trained to work on embroidery machine.
Open Date:1/9/2012
Close Date:2/9/2012
Education:High School Diploma
Days Off:Sat, Sun
Work Schedule:9am-5pm, 30-40 hrs/ week
Months of Experience:0
Lifting Requirement:Up to 20 lbs

In other only partially related news, DWS is SO confusing.  A few weeks ago we got a letter, that IN the letter it first said You are approved for $NAP and right after that on the same page it said we were not approved for it.  HUH?   So now I just got a letter that says the same thing but in regard to health insurance for the girls!  Oh and it also says that we are getting SNAP money in February.  SO I'm like, what is it?  I'm hoping that it turns out to be that they do get covered like we are actually getting a small SNAP.  I don't want to ask them and have them say the system screwed up and shouldn't be giving us anything.  We'll see if we get medicaid cards for January and february.  Infact I need to locate Hazel's January one so she can get her 6 month shots.


Seth said…
Just emailed you some ideas.
Burnham's said…
I hear ya. I am so tired of not being able to go out and get a kid a new pair of shoes when they need it. I would have gotten a job a while ago but daycare costs would eat up my entire paycheck, so there is no point. between Travis' school schedule, work schedule and Cardon's OT there was no way we could switch off who was where, oh and the one car thing too... It just wouldnt work so here we sit in the same stupid situation you are in, or at least very similar. it has been nice to be able to do all that I want (get a pair of shoes or a new pair of pants when the kids need them and go out to eat once in a while) while Travis has been gone to basic. he comes home in a month and then we are back to nothing. 800.00 a month from work and now a 300.00 a month student loan bill.
Mandi said…
Abby- I am so sorry you are having a hard time. I understand. Completely. You do what you have to do for your family. You are amazing and will be blessed for your sacrifices for your family. Also.. you can look online on DWS website at your account. It tells you everything you qualify for this month and next. It tells you if you have food stamps and how much. Also who has medicaid, and anything else. We had so many issues with them but the website with your account is a great thing to have access to.

Good luck with the job hunt!
Jennifer said…
If you need a recommendation for anything with Wells (not ideal I know) I am happy to write something. I work for them presently in their dealer services team so anything I can do- you just let me know!

Julianna said…
Good luck honey. It is really frustrating trying to get back into the market again. Add to that, offsetting the cost of day care for three, or having to put people out to watch them, well... it's tough.

And I've so been there.

You'll figure it out. Fingers crossed!

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