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We got two great games for Christmas.  These games are fun for adults AND kids.  The first, is Qwirkle.

It's a very fun game where you have numerous tiles with 6 different shapes and 6 different colors, and it's kind of like dominos.  You make rows of either the same shape or the same color, without repeating the shape/color in a row.  If you make a row with all six shapes or a row with all six colors it is a qwirkle.  Drama Queen is awesome at this game!  And we play until all tiles are gone, so it's not a short game.  It lasted half an hour two nights ago and DQ asked if we could play again when we were done!  It says recommended for ages 6 and up on the box, but at 5, DQ has no problem getting the concept and is even starting to figure out strategy.  She won fair and square on Monday!

The other game we got is Battelo.

Drama Queen beat me at this game also, which is embarrassing because it's a memory game of 9 coloured tiles you  flip to move your panda around the forest to gather bamboo leaves.  The tiles don't change places, so you'd think it would be easy to win.  It was a fun game and another we look forward to playing each night.

Yesterday we went to the library and got a few books.  I really like two of the books the girls got.  One of the books Mischief picked she calls her "Munchie" book, because the art work is the same kawaii style as Menchie's frozen yogurt.  It is called You Are My Cupcake.
It is very simple with just food related nicknames parents may give their children and cute simple graphics to go with it.  The girls crack up at it though because we don't call them food names, so it's a novelty and silly.

The book I really really like is one Drama Queen got.  It is called Nora's Roses and is by Satomi Ichikawa.

 It has lovely illustrations and a just as lovely story about Nora who has been sick in bed.  Outside her windows are some roses and she watches various people she knows come by and pick a rose for one reason or another.  She falls asleep and dreams of the roses then wakes to find a "monster" has taken all but one rose, which she wants for herself, but how to keep it?  I really like this book and hope to one day add a copy of it to our home library.


sleepless said…
How fun, thanks for sharing !
Laurel said…
Matthew got Marvel Chutes and Ladders for his birthday and we have been playing it almost every day when Sophie takes a nap. Its another good game that kids and grown ups can play together. Matthew wins every time!
Suz said…
We love Qwirkle too. It is probably my favorite game.

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