Truth is........

Truth is.....I feel kinda stupid today.  I didn't even check the thrift store for barbies yesterday because I remembered the last time I bought one there (one of the supporting characters from the Barbie Rapunzel movie) it was $3.99, the dress was lovely but her hair not so much.  Mischief and I went to the thrift store today because after researching barbie dresses, which is all Drama Queen wants, I determined that we should check the thrift store for any barbies wearing nice dresses, because $3.99 for a dress is a deal!  I guess I bought that barbie sometime before their half off sale (twice a year), they always raise the prices a month or two before it.  Cause we got 5 gown wearing Barbies (well one was imitation, but she had a nice dress) for $10.  *pounding head on desk*

Truth is....I really want the Heart Family again.  I'm oogling them on ebay.  You can buy them new in box even.  Yes you pay a far bit, but do you know how easily that lavender dress snags?

Truth is......we're all a bit sleep deprived here today.  Hazel Mae didn't really want to sleep last night, and Mischief had a fever and was so congested she kept choking and snoring and waking herself up.  Mr. Man heard all of Hazel's complaints but didn't even realize the Mischief ones.  Yet he gets to sleep in today so he can be a happy parent.

Truth is......I want to do nothing useful today, but that's not an option.  Dumb life.

Truth is......I do plan on posting about the cruise sooner than later.  I think everyone one should go on a cruise.  And if you're rich you should just bounce from one cruise to another.

Truth is...I keep trying to think of things that are funny and light-hearted to post, but it's not working.

Truth is........My head is bouncing from:  do dishes, vacuum, shoot - do laundry, call DWS, I still need to get the stuff to Sis. Wayas!, I owe so many people sewing stuff! (okay two, maybe three),  and of course, I know I'm forgetting something...........

Truth is.....I'm feeling a bit better now, after discovering the bills have been processed and we still have money in our account!!

Truth is.......that means I finally ordered Hazel's birth certificate!  It's looking like DWS (department of workforce services) is going to require it for verification and we need it for WIC anyway.

Truth is......I'm on hold with DWS right now for the "telephone interview" part of re-applying (for CHEC and SNAP).  It said wait time was approximately 5's been 27.

Truth is.......Hazel Mae is crying, but I'm busy being productive.  The man can wake up and take care of her.

Truth is.......I should remember that doing things I don't want to do makes me feel better about life.  It makes me feel capable.


sleepless said…
budget, budget, budget.
Julianna said…
YEah, life keeps getting in my way of realxing as well. :)
Trishgoger said…
Did you know there's a cruise that takes you all around the world in like 99 days?! And it's pretty affordable considering what it is.. Not having to pay for food/hotels and you get to see the world!! But who has 3 months to just get up and leave?

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