Truth is.....Thursday

Truth's better late than never, right?

Truth days have all been off this week.  On Tuesday I was absolutely positive it was Wednesday.  Just like I was absolutely positive Friday would be payday.  Not so.  :(

Truth is.......Mr. Man found out that UVU (the school he's going to) is hiring night custodians.  I may not have to get a job.  Which is good cause I fully feel like I'm going to throw up now everytime the phone rings.

Truth is........Mischief is a bottomless pit.  Seriously.  The child eats All. Day. Long.  We're crossing our fingers for a growth spurt.

Truth is.......Mr. Man has all 3 girls in the man cave right now.  Never mind, he called for rescue.

Truth is........Hazel tried stealing my turkey burger while I was eating dinner.

Truth is.......Drama Queen just came to me and asked, "How is it your sister, Shannon, sees ghosts?"  Um.......that's new to me if she does!

Truth is..........That led to a ten minute conversation about ghosts/spirits.  And DQ deciding that a ghost was watching her last night when she was trying to go to bed.("I felt someone looking at me but when I looked, nothing was there.")  I suggested perhaps it was her imagination getting away from her.  "Oh, I bet that's it."

Truth child is random.  And I so just put on Ghost Hunters for her........hahahahaha.  Really, I'm not a bad parent, she likes this show. A LOT.  She is her mothers daughter!

Truth is..........We had turkey burgers for dinner.  I made the buns myself and for the first time (I've tried a few times before) they were good!  Yay!  And Mr. Man grilled the burgers for us, as I tend to make them tough and dry on the George Foreman.

Truth is......I'm resisting the very strong urge to go Boo! at the girls.  Really don't need to be encouraging nightmares........

Truth is.......someday I'm going to build a house with no closets in the bedrooms.  Built in bookcases are fine, but I love the look of armoires/wardrobes.

Truth is........Not only do we get to pay off a furnace, but we now also get to pay a higher gas bill.  SERIOUSLY?!  How the heck is it that a 40 year old furnace was far more efficient in gas usage than a new 95% efficient furnace?  Our gas bill is up $30.  I have lots of not nice words to say about this.  Keeping them in my head though.


Julianna said…

Not everyone sees ghosts?

New to me.
Laurel said…
We watched Witches one day last week. Remember that movie? Where the witches have purple eyes and no toes and they turn kids into mice? Matthew was terrified of it and I was sure he would have nightmares, but nope he was fine.

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