Tutu Tuesday

Mischief: Bunnies eat orange?
Me: I bet bunnies would love oranges.
Mischief: And bunnies eat carrot!
Me: That's right they do.

Mischief: Oh, 'nother bean.
Me: Put the seed in the trash.
Mischief: Seed?!
Me: Yes, tangerine seed.
Mischief: Grow in garden!
Me: Well you could try but I don't think it'd work.
The girls watched The Princess and the Frog this morning and just before the credits I noticed something in the picture.  I rewound, paused it, then pulled up our New Orleans post to show Drama Queen. Jackson Square with the Cathedral behind.  Just like on the tv!

After two weeks on formula, Hazel Mae turned into a baby DQ.  Drama Queen was a thoroughly disagreeable child.  Wanted nothing to do with sleep and spent every afternoon and evening screaming.  We didn't know she had a dairy allergy.  With Hazel Mae doing the same we determined it was the formula, which was cow milk based and I've been working harder at getting her to nurse more (she nursed twice last night and only needed one bottle, woo hoo!) as well as transitioning her to soy formula just in case.  Over the last week she has successfully gone from 100% generic "gentlease" formula to 2/3 soy and 1/3 dairy.  A few more days and she'll be on all soy until the can is gone and then she'll hopefully be back on nursing full time.  She has started sleeping again is doesn't cry quite as much.

One day we were driving up to Salt Lake and DQ was sitting in her seat singing song after song about the most random things.  Mr. Man was just quietly laughing and shaking his head when I fessed up that when I was pregnant with her I prayed often that our kid would love music and randomly break out in song, like in a broadway musical.  He gave quite a nice reaction and now blames me everytime she's randomly singing.

Unfortunately I didn't learn my lesson in time.  While pregnant with Mischief I prayed for a child as creative and mischievous as Eloise.  Time will tell.....but so far the kid has ever sign of being an Eloise, and infact this morning requested to watch Eloise, which we are doing now.

Thank you to Aunt Mary for the food!!
After we picked up DQ from school we swung by Roberts craft to see if there was any cardstock packs left. Roberts is going out of business, and this week everything that's left is down to 75% off.  They did have red and pink like we were looking for but I discovered they had felting needles and felting needle holders!  So instead we got two sheets of dark red and two sheets of pink and a few other things as well as a needle holder.  DQ was ecstatic that she got to buy a set of wood craft hearts all by herself.  After we checked out I noticed that they were less than a dollar so I grabbed another bag, handed DQ the dollar we had left and she stood in line by herself and bought them.  She was more thrilled with getting to keep the 9 cents change.........

When we arrived home there was a bag of KFC at our door.  Woo hoo.  That is a gorgeous picture of Berkley, Aunt Mary, Thank you!!


Julianna said…
One day, when things were really tough, I came home to see that someone had broken into my home....

...they left my entire kitchen floor covered in grocery bags full of food.

I think, I had never loved my sister more. :)

There is nothing like the gift of a good meal.
Laurel said…
Your girls are getting so big! I hope you had a really awesome trip and a great Christmas.
sleepless said…
Kind of like money see, monkey hear, monkey do photos !! good luck with all that !!

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