Why Mischief tends to be given things more often than DQ.

When handed a box of barbies (four barbies one box, Walmart clearance), Drama Queen's looks at it and says, "Why did you buy just this one?"
Where as Mischief sits there for a good 10 minutes gushing about how she loves them and they are beautiful and thanks mom!

Ya, DQ didn't get to stay up and play with them at all after she said that.  I threatened to take them back since they obviously weren't good enough for her.  Then I opened it to look at them myself and that's when Mischief came over and appreciated them.

*sigh*  Children!


sleepless said…
Please...Let them be children ! Do NOT expect perfection ! None of them have been here very long !
Laurel said…
For Natalie's last birthday, which was Little Mermaid themed, she received among her many presents several various mermaid toys. A day or two after as she was playing with her toys she complained to me that she didn't get enough mermaids, b/c she got two Ariels but only two of Ariel's sisters. I took the Ariel that hadn't been opened yet and said that because of her ungrateful attitude she had lost it and would have to earn it back. It is still in my room! I reminded her today that she still hadn't earned it back (which requires an entire day of a good attitude, being obedient and no time outs). I had forgotten why she lost it in the first place, but she reminded me and told me the whole story. So, I feel happy that it stuck with her.
Laurel said…
Yesterday Natalie worked extra hard all day. When she started to have a disagreement with Matthew she made sure to speak to him gently and with kindness, when I asked her to do something for me she said, "Yes, Mom" and did it right away. When there was something she needed or wanted she asked for it nicely and waited patiently if she needed to. If she wanted to tell me something and I was already talking to someone else she waited instead of interrupting. So this morning I gave her the Ariel back and two huge handfuls of house points!

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