Sunday, February 26, 2012


My index finger is positive it has been abused.  Pushing the needle in and tugging it out isn't the easiest task. I imagine it will become easier with time if I continue making these.  Mr. Man wants me to make and sell them.  I'm not overly thrilled with the hair, I think I should have put a layer between one and two to help the transition for up-do's.  Next time I'll try a crochet wig cap.
See, there's a reason to buy a Bamboletta!  See how they do the hair! (just kidding.  I do not have 200 dollars for a doll)
The hair from behind:
I'll do clothes tomorrow.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Waldorf Doll

Last year when we received our tax return I resisted spending $200 on a Waldorf doll.  Instead I purchased a doll kit from Weir Dolls and Crafts.  And now as we wait for our tax return, I am again resisting buying a Waldorf doll.  Instead I pulled out the kit and started working.  I'm on day three and the main body and head are done.  I need to finish sewing on one arm, embroider the face, and make the hair.  

The hair behind her is from flickr - clicking the picture leads to it.

I've decided to go with a bit more whimsical of a face rather than the classic doll or classic waldorf.   Not a huge difference between them each, but still changes the overall feel of the doll I think.

Update:  face is on and feet sewn into place

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Caribbean Cruise - Part 1

Back in December Mr. Man and I were given the gift of a Caribbean cruise.  We went with his parents, two of his sisters and their husbands.  We travelled on the Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas.   It was FABULOUS!  If you haven't been on a cruise, here's a run down.......

First you leave your luggage in the drop off zone at the port and get in line.
(sorry Audrey for this not overly flattering picture, it's the only picture I took of the line, this is the 2nd line btw)
The first line is to check that you have a boarding pass and passport.  The second line sends you through security.  It is much like the line you have to stand in at the airport.  Next you stand in line to turn in your "health survey" which you are on the honor system for.  I lied and said I hadn't had a cold within the last two weeks cause I wanted to avoid the line to have a "health evaluation".  Also when you turn in the health survey you receive your sea card.  This card is also your room key and what you use to buy ANYTHING on the ship.  Drinks, souvenirs, toiletries, excursions, food at the 'specialty' places.....Next you go through a line to get your picture added to their computer system to show when your card is scanned.  Then you get to board the ship!!  Unless of course you get to the gangway when they're trying to adjust it to be level with the deck again. Then you get to stand and watch the process, if you are in the front of the line like we were, and also watch the line behind you get longer and longer.

Then finally, welcome aboard!!  There were some crew members standing around eager to help guide you in the direction of your room.  We found ours quickly, Room 6311 - 6 being the deck we were on and 311 being the room number.  It was an inside cabin, and I LOVED it.  It was far roomier than I expected.  Starting at the far end of the room, here is what it had...a Queen size bed with night stands on either side, only about 15 inches wide, but I hadn't expected a walk space at all!  There were curtains at the foot of the bed so you could close off the bed area, incase someone wanted to sleep and the other didn't.  They didn't do a fabulous job blocking the light, but it was better than nothing.  Then there was a dresser/desk/entertainment center/vanity.  This also held the room safe and mini fridge.  Across from that wall unit was a love seat and coffee table.  Then came the closet, which was on the same wall as the desk thing.  It was very roomy and comfortably held all our clothes (the desk had drawers for our unmentionables) as well as shelves that were perfect for shoes.  In the closet was a couple of life vests also. Across from the closet was the bathroom.  Very small, but not uncomfortable.  On first view I was overwhelmed by the smell akin to a portapotty, but that dissipated quickly.  The toilet is kind of small and looks flimsy, but I got used to it.  It flushes via a button on the wall with a big woosh.  The sink is in reach from the toilet.  The shower though was of a nice size, and had doors not a curtain which helped make it more pleasing.  The shower head could be moved up and down per your needs.  So low for me and high for Mr. Man!  I apologize for not getting any pictures of the room.

 We had about two hours before we had to go to muster, so we went up to the buffet.  It was confusing because they tell you the buffet is in the Windjammer, and then we got there and they sent us back to the Island Grill.  It was not so confusing once we walked into the Island Grill, as it turned out that was just an extension of the Windjammer.  This buffet, the Cafe on the Promenade and the main dining room were all the places you could eat without a fee.
The food was good, but then I've always been fond of buffet food.  Only thing unpalatable was the fish, it was dry, tough and flavourless.
After eating we headed off to investigate the ship.

Looking at the promenade from deck 6
The main pools on deck 11, we never used them.
 The sky chapel on deck 14

When it was time for the safety drill(muster) we headed to the location indicated on our sea passes.
It only took about 15 minutes as they explained the safety procedures and how the life vests & boats worked.
As the deck 4 walkway was full of people we just sat and waited for it to clear then played shuffleboard.

I think Mr. Man and I then went and unpacked.
For the entire trip we had every dinner in the dining room.  I highly recommend it. While the Windjammer is great for breakfast and lunch, dinner in the dining room is excellent!  Our servers name was Erol and he was from Turkey.  He'd worked on the ship for 5 years.  His wife is a chef in the kitchen.  Joking back and forth was sort of hit or miss.  It also depended on how long he'd been working, but he was a very nice man and quite congenial no matter what.  He learned by the third day to not even ask if we would be getting any wine and just immediately would remove the wine glasses for us.  He also was quick to learn that we liked to share and try each others dishes and so he'd bring extra of the top items for us to have.  Like on the night we had lobster he brought us three or four extra!  There were two formal nights and we wore church clothes for that.

 Erol, our waiter, is in he background of this one of Mr. Man's parents

 There's always something special about ordering off of menus!  Every night the menu was different.  I enjoyed that there was always some indian dish, I had it twice and each time it was delicious.  The appetizers and desserts were always different as well.  Most everything was delicious.  One night I ordered just a steak from the "for the non adventurous" menu (just what I called it, basic stuff available every night).  The main memorable item was the Royal chocolate cake.  It was WONDERFUL.  And as a side note, the Windjammer does serve some of the same dinner items that you can get in the dining room.  So if you can't decide, know that you can dash up there for the other desserts as well as the hot soups.  Oh, you can also have breakfast and lunch in the dining room if you want to, I just don't enjoy having every meal take an hour and a half or more.  We did do that a few times, and I recommend having lunch there at least once because the salad bar down there is amazing.  Really.  So good.  They also have unique and delicious things on the lunch menus.  For breakfast you can have chocolate pancakes with chocolate chips and chocolate the dining room.  I had the eggs benedict, it's not on the menu but you can order it anyway.  I don't think it's possible with dining room food, but you can take anything from the Windjammer back to your room.  The Windjammer closed at 9:30pm, but no worries if you got hungry after that.  You could order room service for free from 5am to 11pm, and there was also the Cafe Promenade on deck 5 with baked goods and little sandwiches. The drinks you can get free vary.  At breakfast you can have water, orange juice cocktail, apple juice, and milk.  At other meals you can get water or lemonade.  Anything else will cost.  And cost quite a bit. One cup or can of soda pop is $2.75.  Alcoholic drinks were at least double that I think.  I don't know, we don't drink liquor.   In the Cafe you could also get hot chocolate.  Oh and basic coffee was free I think.  I can't tell you if it was good or not.  They also had hot tea and ice tea for free, I think.

 All over the ship, especially at dinner time, were photographers trying to take pictures of you in an attempt to get you to buy them for an arm and a leg (really, one picture costs like $25!!).  Of course if you really want to do that, I recommend take as many as you possibly can because at the end of the cruise they'll have a 'deal' where you can buy the prints PLUS a CD with all the pictures for $110.  We discovered that if we got down to dinner early we'd miss the crowd and the hold up caused by it and also not have to deal with the photographers prodding.
And thus ends Part 1 of the cruise review!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Wheat Allergy confirmed.

If it were worse I'd take her in the the after hours care when Mr. Man got home.  But as it's been 6 hours since she ate macaroni and cheese with her big sister, I think we're safe in that it won't be getting worse.  Right?  Please correct me if I am wrong.  I've put her to bed already as well.

I got little sleep last night and that is my excuse for being so lazy today.  I'm sorry my sweet Mischief.  I was making mac n cheese for Drama Queen and Mischief begged to have it too.  She'd only had a banana for breakfast, so I agreed she could as that meant I wouldn't have to think of something else for her to eat (I had a pb&j, something else she can't have unless I make her special bread).  So I gave her a bowl of macaroni and cheese and she ate the entire thing and asked for more.

Fast forward 6 and a half hours, she didn't want to eat dinner, but I did get half a banana into her.  She got a diaper and pajamas and I discovered she was splotchy.  We were doing so good with her eating gluten-free!  Darn me!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Drama Queen was just 'off' yesterday.  After school, she came home and laid on the floor.  Very mellow.  We read a few books together and then she went next door.  The way she was acting, I let her go and didn't let Mischief go with her.  When she returned she laid down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  Wasn't interested in dinner when she did wake up.  Went to bed at her usual time, feeling very overheated (aka feverish) .  This morning she got up and said she felt better, but is still acting lethargic, so we kept her home from school.  She was only interested in laying down, so that's what she did.  Eventually ate two cuties and a banana.  Fell asleep.

Mischief is on day 3 of clingy, so we're just sitting and watching shows cuddling.  I'll probably have her go get some books for us to read.

Hazel Mae is her usual delightful self.  Full of smiles, wonder and delight.

I'm trying to decide what to eat for lunch.  My neck pain is FINALLY going away.  Yay!

We've had two nights of delicious dinners, thanks to Pinterest.  I need to hop on it and pick which recipe we'll have tonight.  I'm thinking a soup.  Last night we had cuban black beans with coconut rice, fried plantains and mango salsa.  I was worried what Mr. Man would eat or not.  Last week he told me he didn't like black beans and I filed that away in my head with the reminder that he said the same of asparagus and then it turned out he'd never actually had asparagus.  Well last night he came back for a full plate of seconds of everything.  And the request that we make this a regular.  :)

So that's where we are.  Under the weather or on the mend.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Love on Valentine's day

I love my mom for putting up with me as a kid/teenager/adult.  She is the most awesome mom, and daily I have "OH" moments of understanding things that frustrated me as a child/teen.  My mother is brilliant and kind and wonderful, and I hope someday my children will think the same of me.

I love my dad for instilling a love of music in me.  And not just any music.  The good stuff.  Moody Blues, The Carpenters, John Denver, Cat Stevens, and any and all musicals!  He's just wonderful and supportive and well, he's dad!

I love my husband because he doesn't complain when I don't shower for a week.  He is working hard to support us and go to school.  He doesn't get frustrated at me for my poor housekeeping skills.  He makes me laugh.

I love my girls for being so cute and fun.  I love how Hazel scrunches up her nose and snorts when she laughs.  I love that Mischief snuggles and is so certain she owns the world.  I love how creative and sensitive my Drama Queen is.

I love our ward (church) cause everyone there is so friendly.  I'm having to learn to get over my ideas of how people are due to appearance.  Even the gorgeous talented gals are so kind and friendly, not superficial like I expected.  They seem to like me even though I am not so fabulous and stylish as them!  And everyone is generally so kind and willing to help you.

I love the people who's blogs I follow because they either make me laugh or inspire me or both.

I love pinterest because it gives me new ideas for my constantly wanting 'crafts' children!

I love brownies.  They taste so yummy and make my taste buds happy.

I love water heaters and indoor plumbing.  I may not get to make use of the shower as often as I'd like (unless I want a 'surprise' when I get out) but it makes them all the more enjoyable when I get the opportunity.  Right?

I love chocolate. Not milk chocolate.  The dark stuff.  Rich and slightly bitter.

I love cows.  They taste good.  Whether dead or alive, they provide yummy things to eat and drink.

I love pink and yellow.  And blue and orange.  And green and brown.  And sometimes purple.

I love fresh lemonade.  In a jar.  With a straw.

I love the mild winter we're having.  It's almost ideal for me, I actually would like a bit more snow!  But not too much...

I love socks.  I can't stand being barefoot, except when I'm asleep.  or it's summer.

I love sugar-free red bull.  Yes, I know it's so bad for me.  But I only have them like once a month.  And I resist the urge to have them more often than that.  They not only taste good (in my opinion), but they make me feel like a super hero.  For real....

I love PBS kids.  It makes me feel less guilty for the times I let my kids watch more than an hour of tv a day.

I love water.  Especially from my bathroom sink, because that's nearest where it comes out of the main pipe and so in the winter it is ice cold and delicious.

I love Target.  I could spend hours walking around and looking at things there.  And if we had money I could spend lots of it there.

I love Jesus Christ for making it possible for me to someday return to our Heavenly Father's presence.  I make great use of the sacrifices he made for us.  Don't know where I'd be without repentance.

I love cilantro.  It's tasty.  On anything.

I love Mischief's ability to play by herself.

I love rice.

I love vegetables right from the garden.

I love gardens.  

I love being able to randomly tell the world random things.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Mischief had a had time going to sleep because her stomach hurt.  She finally fell asleep long enough for her muscles to relax.......and hurl.  Some how she succeeded in getting most of it inside the back of her pajamas.....Not sure how that worked.  And gross is how it came out of her nose as well.  A bath has not gotten rid of the smell...Can't really clean out her throat and naval cavities....And she still is moaning "my tummy".

And now I'm enjoying nausea and shakes......baah.

Drama Queen

Check out Drama Queen's new backpack!  Isn't it adorable?  It's from Pottery Barn Kids via eBay.  PBK clearanced all their back packs and the only ones left were navy blue and DQ was not interested in them. So I ebay hunted and most people were trying to get the full price for the backpacks which I'm sure they bought at the clearance price.  Then there was this backpack that had a cut on the bottom, but was brand new.  I bought it for less than the clearance price was and mended it today and now it's great and DQ loves it.
Not a perfect darning job, but it was a long and tedious task.
More DQ drama is that she's given up her dream of a treehouse, that tree wasn't growing overnight like she wanted!  Now she wants a playhouse, and she wants to build it with the bricks that trim the front garden.  She wasn't happy when I informed her there were not enough of them to build a whole house.  It was very cute though because she was all set to use mud as the mortar like she did with her rock fairy house.   And so instead she decided she would use the bricks to make a fire pit so she could cook her dinner (ramen is her plan).

I'm watching the ksl listings and craigslist for anyone selling a used playhouse that isn't plastic.  Otherwise I did find a free how-to online for building a wooden playhouse.  Cause this kid obviously needs something to call her very own.  Though I wonder if the neighbors would consider selling theirs since their youngest is in junior high now.......
And I talked her out of building a fire pit, but she agreed to that only if I get her a volcano.  Funny kid.  Trying so hard to grow up already!
Today we had to have a discussion, first with daddy, then he told me to keep an ear out for it, and so she and I had a talk about it in the car, about using the Lord's name inappropriately.  Friends at school say "Oh my G**" and so she began saying it.  We explained why we feel it is not a good thing to say and asked her not to continue saying it.

And now I need to go work on her Valentines day outfit.  I tried to make a cute personalized shirt for her, but it seems my tshirt transfer paper only has a 6 month life expectancy and I bought it 18 months ago....darn fine print!  It almost worked, but not really, so now I have to make some appliques to cover up the parts that sort of ironed on.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The trouble with comments on facebook is you say something and don't always get responses you like.  Ha  ha.  I know, no duh Abby!  I've been working hard to get Mischief gluten free again.  We had her GF for about three weeks in December/January and her rash completely disappeared.  I was not clear when making mention of it on facebook, and got a couple people going on about eczema and that a gluten-free diet is a bunch of crap.  I'm sorry, but saying gluten-free diets are crap is like saying, give the kid with a peanut allergy a peanut butter sandwich!
So I decided for my own satisfaction, I'd share Mischief's rash as of two days ago.  It's actually looking better.

This is not a full body rash.  It's not something that causes her to be itchy, except when it's really bad and crusty and weeping and dry and then it bothers her and she scratches it until it bleeds.  This rash is on her buttocks/lower back.  It gets up to 4 inches in radius.  Two days ago I devoted myself to making her completely gluten free instead of just mostly.  Hit the health food store and she picked out some GF cereals, cookies and pasta.

Yes, she tested negative for having any food allergies.  Her celiac blood test was also negative.  We expected that one, due to her age.  Regardless of that, it doesn't change the fact that when we take her off of eating high gluten foods, her rash goes away.  Her cronic diarrhea goes away and she actually has normal poops.  Her belly stops being distended.  And she started having growing pains.  She's finally outgrowing size 18 month clothes.  She'll be three years old in 4 months.

That is why we're putting her on a wheat free diet.  I have cut out citrus for a while as well, much to her dislike.
A child's point of view:
 "And I'm going to buy stuff to get more money."
"Can you explain that to me?"
"Like when we go to Target and buy stuff, they give us more money."

Drama Queen is not only all about growing a treehouse, but she's all for earning money to buy stuff for it.  She has a long list.  We're trying to figure out how to get her to understand how money works, because she obviously doesn't so far.  She has chores she can do to earn money, 5 cents per chore is what she decided was a reasonable rate.  But she doesn't understand that even though she has 7 cents now (found 2 pennies while cleaning) that's not enough to buy anything.  Most things cost at least $1, and that's 100 pennies.  "What about five dollars?"  That's 500 pennies.  When you buy something and it doesn't cost the same amount as the money you give them, they give you back the money that you didn't spend.

She wants to go to the store (Target of course) to buy stuff for her treehouse, but I explained that she doesn't have enough money to buy anything and it's better to wait until her treehouse actually exists before buying stuff for it.  She has plans to have a lemonade stand "and I'm going to sell lemonade for a $1.00 so I can get lots of money."   I informed her that I didn't think anyone would pay $1 for a glass of lemonade, but she is set in that price because "I want to make lots of money."  She was also all ready to drag stuff outside this morning and have a yard sale.  We explained to her that a yard sale is a great way to get money, but it requires more preparation, like signs and good weather(it's supposed to rain today).

Now she's come and asked if she can go to build-a-bear and make a thing there for her tree house, I told her if she wants to do that for her birthday, that's fine, we can do build-a-bear as her present.  But she wants to do it now. I  informed her that it costs a LOT of money and we don't have money for that right now.  Not the answer she wanted to hear.  Thankfully she's not getting super upset, but just pouting a little.

How have YOU explained how money works to your kids?

Friday, February 10, 2012

On Monday, Drama Queen came home with a homework folder, which includes a book she's supposed to read every day (and is not supposed to count toward the 20 minutes she's supposed to read a day......really?!)   I was rather irritated over how large a book it was 28 pages with up to 16 words per page, and not words that are easy to sound out like "lightning".

Today I asked the teacher which part of her homework is supposed to be returned on Fridays, and she told me and said if DQ was done with the book, she could bring it and get a new one to start.....infact she expected that DQ would be be through with it already, because DQ is one of the best readers in the class and she'd even give DQ a couple of books next time so DQ woudn't get bored......
Apparently we expect less of our child than we are capable of.  She WAS given a hard book, intentionally, because she's that school.  Huh.  No more funny business here.  I think we're going to pick up some easy reader chapter books for her to work on, because my being thrilled at how good she was doing with Dick & Jane is.......well I feel silly now.

Hazel Mae is growing up too fast!  She is scooting on her tummy, using her toes to push her forward after lifting her chest off the floor, flopping down then scooting her arms forward to repeat.  She followed me about 3 feet, then got board of that and went about 2 feet toward the door before getting tired and complaining.

Been having headaches lately and I totally have convinced myself it is due to a lack of produce.  Feel free to laugh at me.  I really want a nice dark green salad.  Going to get some greens later so I can have a salad for dinner tonight.

Drama Queen has planted a maple seed in the garden and is positive it will turn into a tree tonight.  I tried to explain to her that trees take a very long time to grow.  She doesn't want to believe me I think.  Why is she trying to grow a tree?  So she can build a tree house and live in it all by herself.

I'd really like a nap.  Hazel doesn't sleep when she's on regular formula.  Though I wanted the pediatrician to give us a note for the 'hypoallergenic' formula, she pointed out I'd never tried lactose-free.  It's true, I haven't. I automatically went to soy because lactose free didn't work for DQ as a baby.  So she gave us a sample of lactose free and on Monday I will call WIC to arrange getting our vouchers changed up.  They aren't open on Friday.  And by Hazel doesn't sleep I mean she takes 2 half hour naps (though if I keep her up till the afternoon she'll sleep an hour to an hour and a half) and last night she went to bed at 10pm and then at 2 was awake (and mad) got her back to sleep at about 3 and she was awake at 6am.  And it's been a week of this. She woke Mischief up at 2:30, but thankfully Mischief went back to sleep.

Hazel got 3 shots today.  She was not impressed.  She's on top of all her milestones (or ages & stages as they call it here) and even smiled at the doctor.  I'm supposed to go get fluoride for her......I don't remember giving either of the other girl fluoride as a baby.  DQ did a fluoride treatment in school, which I expected....I don't know why I'm giving the baby a fluoride treatment.  There is fluoride in city tap water anyway, right?  So she's been getting it through her food?  I'm going to go google why I'm giving my 6 month old a fluoride treatment........

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Truth is........

Truth is......The person who ran the triathalon club last year is no longer at UVU............Mr. Man was not very thrilled with that and has been in contact with all the members of the club...they re formed the club, and Mr. Man is the president of it.  I'm happy that he's found something active that he's sticking with!

Truth is........Mischief had raisins and oatmeal for breakfast, her snack was a pediasure, now for lunch she has already finished one corn on cob and is on her second of both, which she asked for herself.

Truth is........Hazel Mae surprised us all today by going from laying to sitting all by herself.

Truth is.........Hazel Mae gets the biggest, cutest smile on her face when you clap and cheer for her.

Truth is.........Hazel will jump in her standing toys (as in toys that help her stand) if she sees you looking at her because she wants you to clap and cheer for her.

Truth is..........I've been up since 4am, cause Hazel was too awake.

Truth is.............I'm greatly looking forward to Hazel's doctor appointment tomorrow, hopefully we can get samples and a WIC order for this allergy free stuff I've been told about (and costs $28 a can that's the size that will last only half a week).

Truth is............Mischief is hilarious to watch Hoarders with.  She's has the most entertainingly simple comments.

Truth is...........Drama Queen decided she'd rather making valentines than buy them.  I'm all for it!  We did buy some stickers to give with them though.

Truth is...........I'm out of ideas for this.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Zucchini Bread experiment

We were able to get some zucchini's a week(or so) ago.  The girls and I made some fried zucchini for lunch one day, and I grated the rest up to be used for zucchini bread.
Mr. Man loves zucchini bread.
Mischief thinks she loves bread.....infact two days ago she insisted she needed to eat bread.  So I gave her a  hamburger bun, as I've noticed white bread doesn't cause her as much a problem as whole wheat (she won't even eat whole wheat).  Unfortunately she'd also had spaghetti the night before.  I need to make some gluten-free noodles for her from now on.  She hasn't eaten much in the 2 days since.  Says her tummy hurts or is not happy.  She's been willing to eat oranges, drink juice, drink pediasure(which turns her poo even worse colors than the oranges were doing)  She ate a hot dog and oatmeal one day.  Monday night she woke up at 10pm hungry.  Luckily I was in the process of finally making myself dinner, so she ate some salad and some salmon.  Anyway, I know she would want to eat some zucchini bread if I made it, so I decided to make the recipe gluten-free so she could eat it without complication.

I'm no pro at cooking, I'm not someone who can just invent recipes, but I think I've gotten pretty good at understanding how to do substitutions thanks to  I've used it for years and always read reviews and have learned that way what sort of things can be substituted or played with in recipes.  I had already printed off Mom's zucchini bread recipe from that site, so I grabbed my stack of gluten-free recipes and came up with this recipe that uses less sugar, less oil, and is gluten free.

Mischief was a great helper:
It turned out really good!  We didn't cook ours long enough, so I adjusted the bake time for our recipe.   I guarantee Mr. Man won't know there's not a speck of wheat in them!

Monday, February 6, 2012


DQ:  "This is really bad."
"Yes, it is."
"Did a family die?"
"Yes, they did."
"Someone bad did that."
"Their daddy did."
"Why did their daddy do that?"
"I don't know."

I don't know if states besides Utah and Washington have covered any of the Powell case.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby gift

I had to do something super cute and creative,  cause the mommy is awesome and talented.

In other news.....I thought I had Hazel almost off of formula, down to two bottles a day.......then my cousin said said a way to tell how much she was getting was by weighing her before and after she nursed......well, that completely explained why after a month she was still nursing almost constantly after a month and a half.......when pumping I was only getting half an ounce each side, I figured whatever, she nurses more effectively than a pump.......ya.........she gets a whole ounce........since her 3 month check up, she has lost nearly 2 pounds.  I think it's time to give up my dream of getting her nursing again.  Since I'm actually starving her...................

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mischief:  I see moon, Mom!  I see moon!
Me: Want to learn a little rhyme? Repeat after me: I see the moon
Mischief: I see my moon
Me: The moon sees me
Mischief: Moon sees you.
Me:  No no no, the moon sees you.  The moon sees [Mischief].
Mischief: Moon sees me.
Me:  God bless the moon
Mischief: God bless moon
Me:  And God bless me.
Mischief:  And God bless you.
Me:  And God bless [Mischief]
Mischief: And God bless me!
Me:  Great let's do it again:  I see the moon
Mischief:  I don't see moon.  Moon gone!
Sorry for the lack of regularly scheduled programming this week.  I'm still a bit unbALAnced and would rather not just sound whiney to everyone.  today I will be tending my children and finishing up the baby present that was supposed to be for the awesome baby shower I missed out on last night.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Not perfect but I think it's pretty good for our first try!  They softened (or fell out) beautifully by the end of school, leaving her hair just gently curled at the ends. 

In happy news, the checks we have been waiting for arrived today.  Bills will now get paid!!  And we're on WIC again, took care of that this morning.  Mischief was hilarious about the iron blood test, "No want anyone see my blood!  No! No see my blood!"  Then the nurse told her she'd get a pink bandaid.  "Bandaid!  Oh Yes!  Bandaid!"  As the nurse prepped her finger, "No like pokey!  No like pokey!"  and for the poke itself she gave a brief high pitched scream.  And the program has changed, limiting to only store brands, so incase store brands do not have anything gluten free, the dietician gave us a paper that says we're allowed to get Rice Chex, as it is gluten free.  Mischief of course doesn't like them but I just found a recipe to make them honey nut flavored myself.  She is anemic, so we have to go back to test her again in 3 months and I'm supposed to let her snack on cereal and raisins as often as I can since she will for certain eat those and is not always guaranteed to eat meat or beans.  Though she does like refried beans, so I may have to figure out how to make them myself.  That's right, I'm great at making our own corn tortillas, but I've never made refried beans..........

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The runaway, Part 2

After discussing her complaints and wants, we came to an agreement that she'd give us one more week of a trial.
When I got to school and we were in the lunch line, she turned to me and said she did not want to stay another week she wanted a new home now. One that was pretty.  I told her how about the playhouse from Uncle Matt and Aunt Emily?  That could be her new house she could sleep in it and make it pretty how she wants.  No.  She didn't want that house.  She wanted a different house with a different mommy.  She started crying in line because I told her she had to come back to our house.  I didn't know what to do.  So she sat and ate her lunch with her friends while I tried to keep an over tired Hazel happy and keep Mischief from getting in the way of the janitor.

On the way to the car she kept going on about how she was not going to stay at our house, and I had enough and told her fine, she if she was that determined then she could go find a new house and a new mommy.  Then we got to the car and she needed help getting buckled, "Mommy? Can you buckle me?"  I thought I wasn't your mom.  Instant tears, because she couldn't get buckled, not because I pointed out that she didn't want me for her mommy anymore.  We got home and she got her backpack while Mischief excitedly started for the playroom to put together the cardboard house.  Drama Queen wanted to help, but I told her it was a present for the little girls who lived in this house, and if she wanted to make and color the house with us, then she'd have to re-decide to live here.  Nope, not interested.  She grabbed her backpack and announced she was going to go live at Linda's.  Out the door she went and a few minutes later returned bawling, saying she would live here.

 I happily thought that reverse psychology worked...........only to discover about 15 minutes later that the truth was no one was home next door.

Once tired of putting a dozen pairs of shoes in their new house, Drama Queen came to me and said she wanted to make a house for her and teddy up on her bed.  Having been through this event and the mess it leaves behind, I said no and pointed out that she just make a beautiful new house, why not use it (and thereby keep all the toys in the playroom - cause their room got cleaned yesterday). Instant tears.  Nooooooooooooooooooo, she wanted a house just for her and teddy and no one else.  And I admit I was just done and I said fine, go find a new home.
 She perked up and said "Really?!"
Yep, bye.
So she ran and grabbed her backpack and was out the door.  And back in a minute when she discovered Linda still wasn't home.  She decided she'd go up the street and find a different house.
Okay bye.
Instant tears.
But it makes me sad to think of that.
Then stay.
No I want a new home!
Then go.
I want you to help me find a new house.
Not happening, I love you and want you to live here with us.
 So I went into what did she think that the people at her newly chosen house would say, Yes please, live here random little girl?  What do you think will happen when they have to go to work?  Like Don and Linda, they have to go to work during the day just like now, what do you think you'll be doing, do you want to sit on the porch in the cold all day while they are at work?  Does that sound like fun?  Or would it be better to be in a home with your family and toys and little sisters to play with?
But I don't like it here, it's not pretty.  I want a nice mommy!
Oh that's why you don't like it here, cause I'm a mean mommy and you don't like me?
Yes.  You're not nice.  I don't like being in time out.
Honey, all kids get put in time out.  Have you asked your friends at school, I'm sure they get put in time out sometimes too.  And they have to clean up their toys too.
She didn't say anything and just kept crying.  I told her to go lay down until she felt a little better.

And that's how it ended.  With no solution and whispers that she's going to run away when mommy and daddy are asleep tonight.
We've locked the screen doors as well as the locks on the doors.  I've put the swing and my donate bags infront of one door, because she knows how to undo the door locks.  We'll block the other door with the treadmill.
Mr. Man talked to her after I shared all this and he talked to her and said she agreed she'll stay here.  He told her all the things she wouldn't get to do if she didn't live with us.  Though she said she wants to stay and loves us, I'm sure the thought is still lingering there because she's said that to me twice throughout the day and I also tried that tactic.  I pointed out the things she'd miss out doing with her sisters, and that she wouldn't get to talk to Namma on the computer anymore, etc.
I'm out of ideas and to tell the truth, I'm drained.  I'm done.  I don't know how to deal with the situation anymore.  I'm in automode.  Which is also yes mode because it's just easier.  Hence why she will be sleeping in the cardboard house tonight once she's decided she's watched enough Backyardigans.  I just want this day to be over.  I just want this life to be over.  If this is what I'm having to deal with already, I don't want to know what lies ahead in the teenage years.
The one nice spot of this day with her was after her shower she let me put her hair in rag curlers.

The runaway

My 5 year old has decided to run away. She wants a new house where she doesn't have to clean up. I laid in bed this morning listening to her plotting and packing then quietly got the camera and took a picture of her trying to stuff dress shoes into her backpack (which appears to only have pull-ups in it). She then told me her plan to run away to find a new house with a new bed where she doesn't have to clean up. Then she asked if I would help her find her a house. And first she'd draw me a picture of herself to remember her by and could I draw her a picture of me, Cause she was really going to miss me. I told her she could stay then, but no she really has to find a new house. A house she's never been to before. Shannon Wanlass Fox, if we had the means, I'd mail her to you! As it is.....trying to convince her she belongs here and no matter where she goes, she has to clean up, though I do know a hoarder and perhaps I can take her over there as her new house.......maybe that'll change her mind.

These are her complaints:
  • does not like to clean up
  • don't like to be in time out
  • don't like mom and dad taking stuff from me
  • want to see new people
  • want to go to a different ward
  • want to see new people in the ward
  • want to know new names
  • want to have new toys - like trunks, new different baby dolls, new baby beds
  • want different movies - a mermaid movie, a new princess movie, 
  • want to see a new home and look around
  • don't like to go to bed
  • don't like making my bed
  • don't like Hazel pulling my hair
  • don't get to watch movies when I want to sometimes
  • don't get to do crafts when I want to
Things that would make living in this house better:
  • do crafts when I want to
  • watch movie when I want to
  • get papers when I want to
  • see new friends
  • more sleepovers at places
  • new pictures hanging in new bedroom - pictures of princesses - belle, cinderella, sleeping beauty, jasmine, ariel.
  • want a new bed like had before(daybed), and new blankies

She has agreed to a trial of staying her for another week.  She knows what house she wants to live in instead, it's one we pass on the way to school with "things decorating the windows".  She's going to point it out to me on the way to school today.