Drama Queen was just 'off' yesterday.  After school, she came home and laid on the floor.  Very mellow.  We read a few books together and then she went next door.  The way she was acting, I let her go and didn't let Mischief go with her.  When she returned she laid down on the couch and promptly fell asleep.  Wasn't interested in dinner when she did wake up.  Went to bed at her usual time, feeling very overheated (aka feverish) .  This morning she got up and said she felt better, but is still acting lethargic, so we kept her home from school.  She was only interested in laying down, so that's what she did.  Eventually ate two cuties and a banana.  Fell asleep.

Mischief is on day 3 of clingy, so we're just sitting and watching shows cuddling.  I'll probably have her go get some books for us to read.

Hazel Mae is her usual delightful self.  Full of smiles, wonder and delight.

I'm trying to decide what to eat for lunch.  My neck pain is FINALLY going away.  Yay!

We've had two nights of delicious dinners, thanks to Pinterest.  I need to hop on it and pick which recipe we'll have tonight.  I'm thinking a soup.  Last night we had cuban black beans with coconut rice, fried plantains and mango salsa.  I was worried what Mr. Man would eat or not.  Last week he told me he didn't like black beans and I filed that away in my head with the reminder that he said the same of asparagus and then it turned out he'd never actually had asparagus.  Well last night he came back for a full plate of seconds of everything.  And the request that we make this a regular.  :)

So that's where we are.  Under the weather or on the mend.


Jennifer said…
you make the most interesting things! Do you keep the black beans as dry goods or from a can?
AbigailDawn said…
I used dry beans. Picked out the wrinkled or off colored ones, rinsed then soaked them over night the night before. In the morning poured off the soaking water, put them in the crock pot and filled it half way with fresh water, set it on low and let it cook until dinner time. They were perfectly cooked!
sleepless said…
You are doing a delightful job of being a wife and mother. Keep up the good work dear !! The master chef stuff is a nice touch too !!

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