Drama Queen

Check out Drama Queen's new backpack!  Isn't it adorable?  It's from Pottery Barn Kids via eBay.  PBK clearanced all their back packs and the only ones left were navy blue and DQ was not interested in them. So I ebay hunted and most people were trying to get the full price for the backpacks which I'm sure they bought at the clearance price.  Then there was this backpack that had a cut on the bottom, but was brand new.  I bought it for less than the clearance price was and mended it today and now it's great and DQ loves it.
Not a perfect darning job, but it was a long and tedious task.
More DQ drama is that she's given up her dream of a treehouse, that tree wasn't growing overnight like she wanted!  Now she wants a playhouse, and she wants to build it with the bricks that trim the front garden.  She wasn't happy when I informed her there were not enough of them to build a whole house.  It was very cute though because she was all set to use mud as the mortar like she did with her rock fairy house.   And so instead she decided she would use the bricks to make a fire pit so she could cook her dinner (ramen is her plan).

I'm watching the ksl listings and craigslist for anyone selling a used playhouse that isn't plastic.  Otherwise I did find a free how-to online for building a wooden playhouse.  Cause this kid obviously needs something to call her very own.  Though I wonder if the neighbors would consider selling theirs since their youngest is in junior high now.......
And I talked her out of building a fire pit, but she agreed to that only if I get her a volcano.  Funny kid.  Trying so hard to grow up already!
Today we had to have a discussion, first with daddy, then he told me to keep an ear out for it, and so she and I had a talk about it in the car, about using the Lord's name inappropriately.  Friends at school say "Oh my G**" and so she began saying it.  We explained why we feel it is not a good thing to say and asked her not to continue saying it.

And now I need to go work on her Valentines day outfit.  I tried to make a cute personalized shirt for her, but it seems my tshirt transfer paper only has a 6 month life expectancy and I bought it 18 months ago....darn fine print!  It almost worked, but not really, so now I have to make some appliques to cover up the parts that sort of ironed on.


Burnham's said…
Love the volcano. I read that part and before I clicked I laughed. Cardon has been obsessed with volcanos lately. He wants to go live in Hawaii (So do I...) because it IS a volcano... Anyway today he says, Mom, did you know someone could put a shark in a volcano? Um ya, I guess they could...

I would ask your neighbors about selling their playhouse.

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