My index finger is positive it has been abused.  Pushing the needle in and tugging it out isn't the easiest task. I imagine it will become easier with time if I continue making these.  Mr. Man wants me to make and sell them.  I'm not overly thrilled with the hair, I think I should have put a layer between one and two to help the transition for up-do's.  Next time I'll try a crochet wig cap.
See, there's a reason to buy a Bamboletta!  See how they do the hair! (just kidding.  I do not have 200 dollars for a doll)
The hair from behind:
I'll do clothes tomorrow.


Laurel said…
Very cute! That looks like a lot of work.
sleepless said…
I have never had the patience to put layers of hair !! You get gold stars on your chart for this one !!
Awesome !! Yes, your finger will eventually recover !
Jennifer said…
agreed you should sell these---open an Etsy shop to sell your creations---clothing, crafts, and these dolls. :) You could Dolly & Me clothing! Think of the possibilities!

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