Love on Valentine's day

I love my mom for putting up with me as a kid/teenager/adult.  She is the most awesome mom, and daily I have "OH" moments of understanding things that frustrated me as a child/teen.  My mother is brilliant and kind and wonderful, and I hope someday my children will think the same of me.

I love my dad for instilling a love of music in me.  And not just any music.  The good stuff.  Moody Blues, The Carpenters, John Denver, Cat Stevens, and any and all musicals!  He's just wonderful and supportive and well, he's dad!

I love my husband because he doesn't complain when I don't shower for a week.  He is working hard to support us and go to school.  He doesn't get frustrated at me for my poor housekeeping skills.  He makes me laugh.

I love my girls for being so cute and fun.  I love how Hazel scrunches up her nose and snorts when she laughs.  I love that Mischief snuggles and is so certain she owns the world.  I love how creative and sensitive my Drama Queen is.

I love our ward (church) cause everyone there is so friendly.  I'm having to learn to get over my ideas of how people are due to appearance.  Even the gorgeous talented gals are so kind and friendly, not superficial like I expected.  They seem to like me even though I am not so fabulous and stylish as them!  And everyone is generally so kind and willing to help you.

I love the people who's blogs I follow because they either make me laugh or inspire me or both.

I love pinterest because it gives me new ideas for my constantly wanting 'crafts' children!

I love brownies.  They taste so yummy and make my taste buds happy.

I love water heaters and indoor plumbing.  I may not get to make use of the shower as often as I'd like (unless I want a 'surprise' when I get out) but it makes them all the more enjoyable when I get the opportunity.  Right?

I love chocolate. Not milk chocolate.  The dark stuff.  Rich and slightly bitter.

I love cows.  They taste good.  Whether dead or alive, they provide yummy things to eat and drink.

I love pink and yellow.  And blue and orange.  And green and brown.  And sometimes purple.

I love fresh lemonade.  In a jar.  With a straw.

I love the mild winter we're having.  It's almost ideal for me, I actually would like a bit more snow!  But not too much...

I love socks.  I can't stand being barefoot, except when I'm asleep.  or it's summer.

I love sugar-free red bull.  Yes, I know it's so bad for me.  But I only have them like once a month.  And I resist the urge to have them more often than that.  They not only taste good (in my opinion), but they make me feel like a super hero.  For real....

I love PBS kids.  It makes me feel less guilty for the times I let my kids watch more than an hour of tv a day.

I love water.  Especially from my bathroom sink, because that's nearest where it comes out of the main pipe and so in the winter it is ice cold and delicious.

I love Target.  I could spend hours walking around and looking at things there.  And if we had money I could spend lots of it there.

I love Jesus Christ for making it possible for me to someday return to our Heavenly Father's presence.  I make great use of the sacrifices he made for us.  Don't know where I'd be without repentance.

I love cilantro.  It's tasty.  On anything.

I love Mischief's ability to play by herself.

I love rice.

I love vegetables right from the garden.

I love gardens.  

I love being able to randomly tell the world random things.


Jennifer said…
I love your blog! It inspires me and I love feeling connected to you and your wonderful family. Thank you for being open and for sharing your life! I do enjoy our friendship :)
Freth said…
Cilantro? For real?! :)
Julianna said…
I love this post! Such a great spin for Valentine's!

Enjoy the day!
sleepless said…
Shannon said…
I think this is my favorite post of yours yet. Hooray!! Love it all.

P.S. a thing I learned a year or two ago... One girl in particular at church seemed like she had it all: the body, a great husband, money, the perfect life, etc. Turns out her husband beats her and she has a severe eating disorder. Never judge people by their looks!!!
Another time I had a student who was extremely obese. I thought in my head, how does a person get like that? Turns out when she was 11 she hit menopause and her body didn't know what it was doing. She constantly was going to UC DAvis for them to figure out how to get her back to normal and her body functioning properly. It's interesting what you learn when you take time to get to know someone.

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