Mischief:  I see moon, Mom!  I see moon!
Me: Want to learn a little rhyme? Repeat after me: I see the moon
Mischief: I see my moon
Me: The moon sees me
Mischief: Moon sees you.
Me:  No no no, the moon sees you.  The moon sees [Mischief].
Mischief: Moon sees me.
Me:  God bless the moon
Mischief: God bless moon
Me:  And God bless me.
Mischief:  And God bless you.
Me:  And God bless [Mischief]
Mischief: And God bless me!
Me:  Great let's do it again:  I see the moon
Mischief:  I don't see moon.  Moon gone!


sleepless said…
What a sweetheart ! Thanks for sharing !

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