On Monday, Drama Queen came home with a homework folder, which includes a book she's supposed to read every day (and is not supposed to count toward the 20 minutes she's supposed to read a day......really?!)   I was rather irritated over how large a book it was 28 pages with up to 16 words per page, and not words that are easy to sound out like "lightning".

Today I asked the teacher which part of her homework is supposed to be returned on Fridays, and she told me and said if DQ was done with the book, she could bring it and get a new one to start.....infact she expected that DQ would be be through with it already, because DQ is one of the best readers in the class and she'd even give DQ a couple of books next time so DQ woudn't get bored......
Apparently we expect less of our child than we are capable of.  She WAS given a hard book, intentionally, because she's that skilled.........at school.  Huh.  No more funny business here.  I think we're going to pick up some easy reader chapter books for her to work on, because my being thrilled at how good she was doing with Dick & Jane is.......well I feel silly now.

Hazel Mae is growing up too fast!  She is scooting on her tummy, using her toes to push her forward after lifting her chest off the floor, flopping down then scooting her arms forward to repeat.  She followed me about 3 feet, then got board of that and went about 2 feet toward the door before getting tired and complaining.

Been having headaches lately and I totally have convinced myself it is due to a lack of produce.  Feel free to laugh at me.  I really want a nice dark green salad.  Going to get some greens later so I can have a salad for dinner tonight.

Drama Queen has planted a maple seed in the garden and is positive it will turn into a tree tonight.  I tried to explain to her that trees take a very long time to grow.  She doesn't want to believe me I think.  Why is she trying to grow a tree?  So she can build a tree house and live in it all by herself.

I'd really like a nap.  Hazel doesn't sleep when she's on regular formula.  Though I wanted the pediatrician to give us a note for the 'hypoallergenic' formula, she pointed out I'd never tried lactose-free.  It's true, I haven't. I automatically went to soy because lactose free didn't work for DQ as a baby.  So she gave us a sample of lactose free and on Monday I will call WIC to arrange getting our vouchers changed up.  They aren't open on Friday.  And by Hazel doesn't sleep I mean she takes 2 half hour naps (though if I keep her up till the afternoon she'll sleep an hour to an hour and a half) and last night she went to bed at 10pm and then at 2 was awake (and mad) got her back to sleep at about 3 and she was awake at 6am.  And it's been a week of this. She woke Mischief up at 2:30, but thankfully Mischief went back to sleep.

Hazel got 3 shots today.  She was not impressed.  She's on top of all her milestones (or ages & stages as they call it here) and even smiled at the doctor.  I'm supposed to go get fluoride for her......I don't remember giving either of the other girl fluoride as a baby.  DQ did a fluoride treatment in school, which I expected....I don't know why I'm giving the baby a fluoride treatment.  There is fluoride in city tap water anyway, right?  So she's been getting it through her food?  I'm going to go google why I'm giving my 6 month old a fluoride treatment........


Julianna said…
I just have to share this with you so you could share it with DQ...


Youngest also wants a tree house. Still. I'm thinking I may look into the small "huts" they make up here and put it behind the garage since we have no trees.

But someday... we will have one of THESE tree houses. :)
April said…
Orem doesn't have fluoride in their water:) so there's your push for fluoride. I haven't done fluoride very well with my kids but I'm trying to do better:)

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