The runaway

My 5 year old has decided to run away. She wants a new house where she doesn't have to clean up. I laid in bed this morning listening to her plotting and packing then quietly got the camera and took a picture of her trying to stuff dress shoes into her backpack (which appears to only have pull-ups in it). She then told me her plan to run away to find a new house with a new bed where she doesn't have to clean up. Then she asked if I would help her find her a house. And first she'd draw me a picture of herself to remember her by and could I draw her a picture of me, Cause she was really going to miss me. I told her she could stay then, but no she really has to find a new house. A house she's never been to before. Shannon Wanlass Fox, if we had the means, I'd mail her to you! As it is.....trying to convince her she belongs here and no matter where she goes, she has to clean up, though I do know a hoarder and perhaps I can take her over there as her new house.......maybe that'll change her mind.

These are her complaints:
  • does not like to clean up
  • don't like to be in time out
  • don't like mom and dad taking stuff from me
  • want to see new people
  • want to go to a different ward
  • want to see new people in the ward
  • want to know new names
  • want to have new toys - like trunks, new different baby dolls, new baby beds
  • want different movies - a mermaid movie, a new princess movie, 
  • want to see a new home and look around
  • don't like to go to bed
  • don't like making my bed
  • don't like Hazel pulling my hair
  • don't get to watch movies when I want to sometimes
  • don't get to do crafts when I want to
Things that would make living in this house better:
  • do crafts when I want to
  • watch movie when I want to
  • get papers when I want to
  • see new friends
  • more sleepovers at places
  • new pictures hanging in new bedroom - pictures of princesses - belle, cinderella, sleeping beauty, jasmine, ariel.
  • want a new bed like had before(daybed), and new blankies

She has agreed to a trial of staying her for another week.  She knows what house she wants to live in instead, it's one we pass on the way to school with "things decorating the windows".  She's going to point it out to me on the way to school today.


sleepless said…
Oh my goodness. Funny that she has picked the house even. If they are LDS I wonder if they would cooperate to help her see the grass is not greener on the other side...I remember it being so hard growing up. I was always in trouble for knocking over lamps and breaking them and slamming the back door and breaking the window, taking forever to do the dishes because I hated that...etc.
sleepless said…
Time to read "Alexander and the terrible, horrible very bad no good day" And any other books at the library that go along with that idea !
Julianna said…
Youngest has run away several times.

We discussed it, and he felt the best place to go would be a cardboard box.

We have had several from 40 gallon tote size, to dishwasher, to fridge box size, tucked into a corner of his room. They have been decorated with pillows, pictures, and Christmas trees (with lights). And yes, he slept many a night in them, and no, I didn't make him clean them up.

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