The trouble with comments on facebook is you say something and don't always get responses you like.  Ha  ha.  I know, no duh Abby!  I've been working hard to get Mischief gluten free again.  We had her GF for about three weeks in December/January and her rash completely disappeared.  I was not clear when making mention of it on facebook, and got a couple people going on about eczema and that a gluten-free diet is a bunch of crap.  I'm sorry, but saying gluten-free diets are crap is like saying, give the kid with a peanut allergy a peanut butter sandwich!
So I decided for my own satisfaction, I'd share Mischief's rash as of two days ago.  It's actually looking better.

This is not a full body rash.  It's not something that causes her to be itchy, except when it's really bad and crusty and weeping and dry and then it bothers her and she scratches it until it bleeds.  This rash is on her buttocks/lower back.  It gets up to 4 inches in radius.  Two days ago I devoted myself to making her completely gluten free instead of just mostly.  Hit the health food store and she picked out some GF cereals, cookies and pasta.

Yes, she tested negative for having any food allergies.  Her celiac blood test was also negative.  We expected that one, due to her age.  Regardless of that, it doesn't change the fact that when we take her off of eating high gluten foods, her rash goes away.  Her cronic diarrhea goes away and she actually has normal poops.  Her belly stops being distended.  And she started having growing pains.  She's finally outgrowing size 18 month clothes.  She'll be three years old in 4 months.

That is why we're putting her on a wheat free diet.  I have cut out citrus for a while as well, much to her dislike.


seth said…
J is not a Celiac, but he was allergic to wheat (along with fish, eggs, and peanuts) for a while. We're glad that he's outgrown some of those (only eggs and peanuts are left). One of the symptoms of his allergies was eczema on his hands, elbows, knees, feet, and abdomen. I'm guessing these things just runs in the family.
Burnham's said…
look up celiac rash, or something like that. it looks similar! If I had seen those comments about the diet being crap I would not have been nice to them!
Laurel said…
Well, gluten-free seems to be all the rage right now and I sometimes think that not everyone who eats gluten-free really has celiac. However, I have an aunt who had celiac before it was cool and I know its a real thing. Mischief has certainly had all the symptoms, most notably the previously unexplained rash, so if a gluten-free diet is helping then I think that's great!

BTW- Have you been to this blog:
It's mostly about slow cooking, but she has a daughter with celiac so pretty much everything she makes is gluten-free.

I also saw a commercial for Chex, I think they said that all varieties of Chex are gluten-free.
Julianna said…
I think you know where I stand on the people who are nay sayers. :)

And no, a GF diet doesn't mean someone has Celiac, it just means they have an intolerance. Funny though, a co worker just told me the other day that a low GF diet was suggested for his psoriasis. Said he did it for a while and it worked really well for him.

I think the true measure for Mischief is the growth spurt. If it truly is a Celiac reaction, then eliminating the Gluten will allow her body to get the nutrition she needs to grow.

Good luck! You know where I am if you need any pointers.
Shannon said…
go with your gut on what you think is wrong with your kids. :-) Love ya!

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