Waldorf Doll

Last year when we received our tax return I resisted spending $200 on a Waldorf doll.  Instead I purchased a doll kit from Weir Dolls and Crafts.  And now as we wait for our tax return, I am again resisting buying a Waldorf doll.  Instead I pulled out the kit and started working.  I'm on day three and the main body and head are done.  I need to finish sewing on one arm, embroider the face, and make the hair.  

The hair behind her is from flickr - clicking the picture leads to it.

I've decided to go with a bit more whimsical of a face rather than the classic doll or classic waldorf.   Not a huge difference between them each, but still changes the overall feel of the doll I think.

Update:  face is on and feet sewn into place


Laurel said…
For my birthday my in-laws gave me a book from my wishlist about making dolls. I'm very excited, it has a lot of cute things in it!

Good job on your self-control and ingenuity!
sleepless said…
more of a Calleu..however you spell it face. darling.
Julianna said…
Fantastic job! I love how you computer generated the hair! Too funny!

I did responsible things with the taxes we've received so far.

*sigh* being responsible sucks.

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