Wheat Allergy confirmed.

If it were worse I'd take her in the the after hours care when Mr. Man got home.  But as it's been 6 hours since she ate macaroni and cheese with her big sister, I think we're safe in that it won't be getting worse.  Right?  Please correct me if I am wrong.  I've put her to bed already as well.

I got little sleep last night and that is my excuse for being so lazy today.  I'm sorry my sweet Mischief.  I was making mac n cheese for Drama Queen and Mischief begged to have it too.  She'd only had a banana for breakfast, so I agreed she could as that meant I wouldn't have to think of something else for her to eat (I had a pb&j, something else she can't have unless I make her special bread).  So I gave her a bowl of macaroni and cheese and she ate the entire thing and asked for more.

Fast forward 6 and a half hours, she didn't want to eat dinner, but I did get half a banana into her.  She got a diaper and pajamas and I discovered she was splotchy.  We were doing so good with her eating gluten-free!  Darn me!


sleepless said…
She looks just like J and B at your brother's house !!
sleepless said…
Does she have corresponding rash on each side of her body ? That is a sign of celiac.

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