Saturday, March 31, 2012

Mischief on the potty.

The new blogger look is definately going to take some getting used to.

Mischief woke up this morning, threw away her diaper and has peed on the potty twice.

She peed on the potty once last night as well.

All for the want of some Tangled panties.  I'm just sad Target only had a 3 pack.

She is very determined to get her panties.  I told her she gets them if she uses the potty consistantly for 3 days.  We did buy them but haven't opened them, so she occasionally comes over to oogle them.  She very much wants to wear them.

She even wants to clean her potty herself.  I pour it out, she wipes it up with tissue and then puts the potty insert back in her frog and then uses hand sanitizer.  It's great so far.  I hope it keeps up!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kid clothes hoarders anonymous

There really should be such.  I'd not be alone, I know that for a fact.

I've discovered the world of resale on facebook.  That's right, facebook.  Infact I've sold two dresses on facebook so far.

There are days where I get super needy.  Needy in that I WANT more clothes for my girls.  Lately it's a Matilda Jane/Eden's Bouquet/Joyfolie obsession.  I sit and oogle.  And fill my watch list on ebay until it's packed and then delete everything so I can fill it again.  And I tell myself, okay on payday I'll actually buy this and this.  And then I tell myself how stupid that is.  And I oogle on etsy the stuff of the same sort.

And you know what?  It's all stuff that's easy to sew.
All stuff I already have the patterns for.
All stuff I already have plenty of fabric for.

But I'm lazy.  I sit here on the verge of tears telling myself, Thou shalt not covet!  And then I did through my boxes of fabric and get angry that I don't have the right fabric.

So I go fill my watch list again.
Or add to my favorites on etsy.  My favorites list is now at 123 pages.  Each page holds 24 items.....

I have issues.
We need a group for that.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pictures on the wall

Yesterday Mr. Man made a comment about how we needed to put pictures back up on our walls.  We had a few on the wall above the tv, but that was about it due to re-arranging and the beams holding up the ceiling, wallpapering, etc.

So last night I pulled out all the pictures and all the frames we have (and we have a lot) and I pulled out old pictures and put in new and well, didn't get much done!  Anyway, here's what's up so far.

Re-arranged the pictures above the tv.  Different frames, different pictures.  I intend to one day paint this wall a color like this:
Anyway, photos that are now up above the TV:
 Ignore the mess on top of the entertainment center.
 And now in the empty space next to the door under the carport (technically our back door, but it's the one we use all the time).  We used to have a coat hanger here.....
 I'm going to put some vinyl underneath it I think, I just need to decide what......
 And here's today's little helper.

Obviously some of the frames are still missing pictures, but my shutterfly order should be here sometime this week, and then that problem will be solved.  The family picture we took in December will be moved to the blue room which I WILL get "TSP"ed and primed AND painted this week.  (let's not point out that my brain still thinks it's Monday).

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bird feeders

We wrapped cookie cutters with foil and packed in our bird seed mixture (you can find the recipe on Pinterest, that's where I found it!)  after half an our in the freezer, I popped them out of the molds and let them dry overnight.  Then we hung them outside.

Notice the lack of colorful roving?  Ya....This ended our spring celebration because DQ really didn't care about any of the activities I planned so whatever.  We'll do the city egg hunt the saturday before Easter.  Otherwise I'm over the celebration of spring.  They don't care why should I.

In other news, I was able to put Mischief's hair in pigtails on Sunday! The hair on one side of her head is still shorter than the other due to the hair cut Drama Queen gave her when she was little more than a baby.

 Mr. Man shaved.  He thinks he looks like a 12 year old now.  I think he looks hot!
 Don't you just love how full his lips are?  I do!
Have you ever tried to put sheets on the top bunk of a bunk bed?  It's so not an easy task.  I pay Drama Queen to do hers.  I get her mattress cover on, the fitted sheet and then for 5 cents she does the rest.  Best nickel I ever spent!

A boy in our ward is in the school play and his mom approached me to make arm garters for it.  I've made 17 of the 22 they need, now just waiting to receive more supplies to make the rest.  Then I'll have $10!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Welcoming spring.

Though we started a bit late in our celebrating, we have indeed begun.

First we dug up, weeded, de-clumped, then amended half of the back garden plot.  The girls were involved in the work, though spent most of the time playing with the numerous (really there are a bazillion) earth worms as well as a few rolly pollys.   We then planted some starts we got at the hardware store.  Peas, swiss chard, and savoy cabbage.
 Today we made bird seed feeders, they have to dry before we can put them out.  But we did put out some colorful wool roving on our fairy houses.

 Not only does it make our fairy houses colorful, but the birds can take the wool to build their nests with!
 While Mischief liked this activity, Drama Queen thought it was boring and only participated under threat of my not doing any more spring activities at all ever.
See the cute rock path DQ build leading to her fairy house?!  Love it!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

On the day we had snow, Drama Queen made a snowman all by herself!
 I was quite impressed!

 We got a big glorious box of bows from Fox Den Production's quarterly bow club!

 Hazel Mae is working on getting over an ear infection.  Mischief is getting sick.  And I'm going to go iron stuff because I discovered it helps me de-stress.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You know Heavenly Father loves you when...
 you open a drawer and discover your current medical cards right on top despite looking all over for them the previous week, thus enabling you to take your sick miserable baby to the doctor's to get medicine for what turns out to be an ear infection (almost double, but not quite).

Now if only he could guide me to our WIC packet.............  :o\

Monday, March 19, 2012

Hazel gets to meet snow.

For the first time this winter we had a huge snowfall!  We got like 6 inches.  I took Hazel out to see what the girls were up to.  Yes, I know, she does not have a coat on.  She has a fever and I didn't want to overheat her, so I stuck her in snowpants and a hat.  We were not out long either.  Mr. Man thinks this kid always has the same look on her face all the time, but I think she's quite expressive.  And her face plus body language tells the story of how her experience in snow went.

And then we went back inside.

Day 3 no caffiene.

Woke up happy.
Hazel only got up once in the night and Mischief only was up once also.

Then we saw there was 6 inches of snow out there.

Then I stopped Mischief from sticking a bag on Hazel's head.

Then DQ had trouble finding the nose on her face (aka her backpack in the middle of the floor)

Then Hazel Mae was crying and I couldn't figure out why.

So we went to Hobby Lobby to find out how  much their rolls of tulle are ($3.99 for a 25 yard roll of 6" tulle. Buy it online instead.)

Were late getting Drama Queen from school so missed lunch.

Went to Sonic to appease child upset about not eating lunch at school.

Got home and everyone started clambering for everything at once.

Got hot dogs in the microwave for Mischief.

Spilled the strawberry slush as I tried to pour it into two smaller cups for the girls.

Got bottle made for Hazel.

Got DQ's grilled cheese tossed on the table.

Told them to eat while I fed Hazel.  In the process of that I spilt a cup of water that had been on the desk (tend to feed Hazel in the computer chair, the arms are in the right positions).

Grabbed towels to mop up water.

Got baby fed and put to bed.

Girls finished eating.

Drama Queen wanted to play on

Laptop froze.

Restart laptop.

Pick up tatertots off the floor.  They were knocked down with the cup of water.

Get back up for Drama Queen.

Sit down and finally eat.

Tatertots and grilled cheese are cold.


Oh I'm getting tulle on a roll because I've learned I suck at cutting tulle straight for tutus and I really need a tutu or fifty.  Like these:   But that's a blog post for a happier day.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday morning

And the wind is roaring.  Dad is at work already though he'd rather be snoring.
Hour after hour of Ireland on TV, boring.
So what if I can't go out and play, I know what I'll do today.....

Nope, no library.

Large foam dice game...

Roll a.....
1 - pretend to ride a bike
2 - do a jumping jack
3 -spin in a circle
4 - clap your hands
5 - sing a song
6 -hop on one foot

Be a.....

3-tell a story
4-put away 2 things
5-run to daddy's room and back
6-sing a song

We've been playing this for an hour so far.  Mom is bored of it, the girls are not.  Hit up the dollar store for large foam dice and you too can keep your children occupied.  Make your own list of activities or use mine.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another day outside

We're supposed to get a storm next week.
 We found more sticks for the faerie house.

 The garden is quite alive

The bugs have returned.