Bird feeders

We wrapped cookie cutters with foil and packed in our bird seed mixture (you can find the recipe on Pinterest, that's where I found it!)  after half an our in the freezer, I popped them out of the molds and let them dry overnight.  Then we hung them outside.

Notice the lack of colorful roving?  Ya....This ended our spring celebration because DQ really didn't care about any of the activities I planned so whatever.  We'll do the city egg hunt the saturday before Easter.  Otherwise I'm over the celebration of spring.  They don't care why should I.

In other news, I was able to put Mischief's hair in pigtails on Sunday! The hair on one side of her head is still shorter than the other due to the hair cut Drama Queen gave her when she was little more than a baby.

 Mr. Man shaved.  He thinks he looks like a 12 year old now.  I think he looks hot!
 Don't you just love how full his lips are?  I do!
Have you ever tried to put sheets on the top bunk of a bunk bed?  It's so not an easy task.  I pay Drama Queen to do hers.  I get her mattress cover on, the fitted sheet and then for 5 cents she does the rest.  Best nickel I ever spent!

A boy in our ward is in the school play and his mom approached me to make arm garters for it.  I've made 17 of the 22 they need, now just waiting to receive more supplies to make the rest.  Then I'll have $10!


sleepless said…
Yay you...earning $$$ sewing !!! He looks real nice. Mischief looks real cute. Ya, we celebrated Easter with Easter baskets you had to find because you all DID care about that !!! You all LOVED that !!
sleepless said…
Oh ya, ...that is a really cool bird seed thing...the birds are happy and they will LOVE you for it !!!

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