Day 3 no caffiene.

Woke up happy.
Hazel only got up once in the night and Mischief only was up once also.

Then we saw there was 6 inches of snow out there.

Then I stopped Mischief from sticking a bag on Hazel's head.

Then DQ had trouble finding the nose on her face (aka her backpack in the middle of the floor)

Then Hazel Mae was crying and I couldn't figure out why.

So we went to Hobby Lobby to find out how  much their rolls of tulle are ($3.99 for a 25 yard roll of 6" tulle. Buy it online instead.)

Were late getting Drama Queen from school so missed lunch.

Went to Sonic to appease child upset about not eating lunch at school.

Got home and everyone started clambering for everything at once.

Got hot dogs in the microwave for Mischief.

Spilled the strawberry slush as I tried to pour it into two smaller cups for the girls.

Got bottle made for Hazel.

Got DQ's grilled cheese tossed on the table.

Told them to eat while I fed Hazel.  In the process of that I spilt a cup of water that had been on the desk (tend to feed Hazel in the computer chair, the arms are in the right positions).

Grabbed towels to mop up water.

Got baby fed and put to bed.

Girls finished eating.

Drama Queen wanted to play on

Laptop froze.

Restart laptop.

Pick up tatertots off the floor.  They were knocked down with the cup of water.

Get back up for Drama Queen.

Sit down and finally eat.

Tatertots and grilled cheese are cold.


Oh I'm getting tulle on a roll because I've learned I suck at cutting tulle straight for tutus and I really need a tutu or fifty.  Like these:   But that's a blog post for a happier day.


Juli said…
Your day was even more chaotic than mine. :( (((HUGS)))
sleepless said…
Some days are like that ...even in Australia !!
Laurel said…
Did you ever get around to putting Hazel Mae in her tutu dress? I was hoping to see pictures!

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