An eco-way......

Took the car to the mechanic.
Don't think we're going to make it to CA this year.
Gotta save to get a new car.
Repairs will cost almost as much as the car cost us.
Mr. Man is more upset than I am.
We're in a good location.  The school, grocery store, bank, doctors, thrift store, and fabric store are all within like a mile of us.  Even Mr. Man's work.  Just his school is further than that, and the bus stop is just by the doctor's.

And now I'm going to pour me a big glass of root beer and work on laundry.  And work on making Drama Queen a new dress, cause a friend saw the one I made yesterday and asked to buy it.  I told her $45.  She said, do you take paypal, or I have 6 summer dresses I could send you........I opted for the 6 cute dresses.  Now to see if it follows through.
Anyway. laundry. sewing (if the machine agrees).  barq's.


sleepless said…
Just think of how interesting it will be to make things work might even have to get out of your comfort zone and ask for regular rides...your home and visitng teachers are supposed to be helpful like that !
Laurel said…
Sorry about the car! I'm glad we'll be coming up next week so we'll be able to see you!
Laurel said…
Are you still driving it? Or is it dead?

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