We went to Fotofly yesterday to spend my birthday money.  I'm trying to decide when I can justify going back because it was just so awesome!
Here are some of the very best from the shoot, and there are prints of a few ready to mail to grandparents once I get to the store and get a card or cardboard mailer to send them with.

 You see how huge her eyes are in that picture ^?  He (the photographer) thought her reactions to his scaring her was hilarious, and it was.  The kid loves being scared.  He wanted to capture her expression, and he succeeded.

I really loved it.  They are so good at using the space they have to their best advantage.  I'm looking forward to going back.  For sure this will be a yearly (tax return time) thing.  In totally we ended up with 71 pictures, and it seems that was on the low end of how many people end up with due to Drama Queen getting over excited and prancing around and slamming her big toe on the floor or something that resulted in her bending the nail back so far it was bleeding.  As well as a potty break.  Hopefully Mr. Man will be getting the hours he expects to be getting so that I can take them all in for their birthdays.  And did I mentio that the entire photo session with a CD of the picture with copyright release is only $79?


sleepless said…
Beautiful photos of gorgeous subjects..which always helps !! Nice bright and alive color combos !!
Suz said…
What a deal! My favorite is of the three of them all lined up with Hazel in the middle. Money well spent. Love the updates on the sidebar as well.
Trishgoger said…
Your girls are so adorable in such different ways! I can't wait to see how Hazel looks as she ages!
Julianna said…
Holy cow that is such a deal! And such beautiful pictures.

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