Monday, March 19, 2012

Hazel gets to meet snow.

For the first time this winter we had a huge snowfall!  We got like 6 inches.  I took Hazel out to see what the girls were up to.  Yes, I know, she does not have a coat on.  She has a fever and I didn't want to overheat her, so I stuck her in snowpants and a hat.  We were not out long either.  Mr. Man thinks this kid always has the same look on her face all the time, but I think she's quite expressive.  And her face plus body language tells the story of how her experience in snow went.

And then we went back inside.

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sleepless said...

Your brother used to put his hands in his mouth to warm them when we were out..until I thought of using socks on his hands..we had no mittens or gloves.