Drama Queen made me a beautiful flower for my birthday.
I have this horrible habit of being inspired at night to make a plan and gather things to do with the girls the next day.  So I end up gathering and making a list of things w can do, late into the night.  Like midnight or one in the morning.  And then I'm so tired in the morning that I can barely function and everything goes out the window.

Today is one of those times.

I went to bed at 12:48am.
Mischief came to play at 5:45 in the morning.

I want a do over.

Eventually, once my brain starts functioning, I plan to do the things I planned for us to do and play.  As it is only 8:32 though it feels like it should be lunch time.

Though the kids have all had breakfast, I have not.  I'll go do that now.  And scrounge up some caffiene to see if that helps....And even though Mr. Man doesn't want Cafe Rio style food again yet (we had it a week ago), I do, so I'm putting the pork roast in the crockpot.

"Fun is our middle name."  "No, Fun is your middle name, remember?  Mine is Angelica."

I'll send brownies to anyone who can name what that is from.


Drama Queen made herself a chore list this morning.  AND she is actually doing those chores of her own will.  The only influence I gave was to veto a chore....
"[DQ] what are you supposed to do after you poop?"
"Oh!...*starts running to the bathroom, then stops*  Maybe I could put THAT on my chore list!"
"Um, no. That's just common sense."

  She made her bed beautifully.  I gave her a nickel.  She was SO excited.  All that much more money towards a playhouse....or whatever she decides on next.

Mischief has learned to ask if something has wheat, and in the event she does forget, Drama Queen has become her champion.  They were over at a friend's house, and I forgot to tell the friend that Mischief can't have wheat, but DQ took care of her little sister!  If you tell Mischief she can't have something, she immediately asks, "It have wheat?"
Her bum is looking so much better.  Love that.

Winter finally arrived.  I admit I was hopeful that it'd just stay away.  It's March after all.  We've had snow for three or four days in a row now.  We never ended up plastic wrapping the windows, and you can really tell in Mr. Man's room.  It's freezing in here.  We may have to remedy that.  Friday night's snow storm was crazy!  So much for having a carport to keep the snow off the car (and everything else).

 At first I was like, Okay, I guess the wind was blowing in a north eastern direction, that's what it would take to cover the strollers and steps....but that doesn't explain the front of the car being covered as much as the back....and besides, it's to the door of the trailer south of us as well.

I cleared 3 bottles of salad dressing out of our fridge today.  They were all half to a quarter full, and hadn't been used in quite a while.  This is my favorite thing to do with salad dressings we didn't love.  Reduced price chicken.  Stick it in a bag, pour in the dressing, throw in the freezer.  Then it marinates when it defrosts and is quick and yummy.

Yes, Mischief really is wearing a pettiskirt outside to play in the snow.  And her snow coat is in the car which is with Daddy at school so she is wearing her bear sweater.  And yes.  She's eating grassy snow.


Laurel said…
My kids have not been doing their morning personal chores on time lately. (Getting dressed, brushing their teeth etc.) Its partly their fault, but its also my fault b/c I have been sleeping in and not really doing my personal chores on time either (Go on the treadmill, take a shower etc.)

I feel your pain.
Jennifer said…
I do the salad dressing too! Its the best. I did it with a catalina dressing I was not impressed with and then breaded the chicken. Hurray for being resourceful! At least your kids enjoy the snow...Gwen hates it.
Julianna said…
funny. I put that quote into google and it came right back to your blog. :)

Damn. And I really wanted the brownies.

I too love that chicken idea. I was thinking tomorrow would be stroganoff day but now I'm thinking this bacon fettuccine dish I just saw.

And brownies.
sleepless said…
Excellant idea with the salad dressings !!! snow swirls and everything else...weird patterns !!

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