Kid clothes hoarders anonymous

There really should be such.  I'd not be alone, I know that for a fact.

I've discovered the world of resale on facebook.  That's right, facebook.  Infact I've sold two dresses on facebook so far.

There are days where I get super needy.  Needy in that I WANT more clothes for my girls.  Lately it's a Matilda Jane/Eden's Bouquet/Joyfolie obsession.  I sit and oogle.  And fill my watch list on ebay until it's packed and then delete everything so I can fill it again.  And I tell myself, okay on payday I'll actually buy this and this.  And then I tell myself how stupid that is.  And I oogle on etsy the stuff of the same sort.

And you know what?  It's all stuff that's easy to sew.
All stuff I already have the patterns for.
All stuff I already have plenty of fabric for.

But I'm lazy.  I sit here on the verge of tears telling myself, Thou shalt not covet!  And then I did through my boxes of fabric and get angry that I don't have the right fabric.

So I go fill my watch list again.
Or add to my favorites on etsy.  My favorites list is now at 123 pages.  Each page holds 24 items.....

I have issues.
We need a group for that.


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