Mischief on the potty.

The new blogger look is definately going to take some getting used to.

Mischief woke up this morning, threw away her diaper and has peed on the potty twice.

She peed on the potty once last night as well.

All for the want of some Tangled panties.  I'm just sad Target only had a 3 pack.

She is very determined to get her panties.  I told her she gets them if she uses the potty consistantly for 3 days.  We did buy them but haven't opened them, so she occasionally comes over to oogle them.  She very much wants to wear them.

She even wants to clean her potty herself.  I pour it out, she wipes it up with tissue and then puts the potty insert back in her frog and then uses hand sanitizer.  It's great so far.  I hope it keeps up!


Laurel said…
Good luck, hopefully she keeps it up!
sleepless said…
That would be so nice ! Praise her to the max each time !!!

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