My hair is losing it's curl.
I'm slightly traumatized.
I'd chop it short to see if that was the problem.
But Mr. Man really likes it long.
Even though I always wear it up because I don't get to shower every day and because Hazel loves to pull it.
I'll chop it short anyway.
Once my face isn't so fat.

Got running shoes today!
It was very busy at Runner's Corner, so I didn't get quite the personalized service I might have otherwise had.
I was grateful for that.  I'm not good with one on one attention from skinny cute girls that are just a few years younger than me.
Thankfully she never once made any comment about my size.
Though she did tell me all about their running technique classes and that I might think about coming to one. Or more.
We found me a really comfortable pair of shoes.
They are not the cute Altra's I wanted.
But they're what I need for the way I run right now.

Aunt Tawnya watched the girls tonight while we went out for my birthday dinner.
We went to Sushi-Ya for their all you can eat sushi.  It ended up that it would have cost the same getting the sushi we got, had we ordered al la carte.  Next time we won't get any nigiri sushi, tasty, but not worth the stomach space.  :)
And there will definately be a next time.  It was so yummy.

I'm not satisfied with the doll and haven't gotten around to making her clothes yet either.  I just don't feel like drafting clothing patterns.
That's why I have sewn little the last year or so.
Just no magic.

We cleaned the kitchen, office, and living room today, though I need to clean off the entertainment center.  And there's now a clean clothes pile on the couch.


Seth said…
Happy belated birthday to you and early birthday to Mr. Man.
Trishgoger said…
How would you say Utah sushi is compared to California sushi?
Laurel said…
I hope you had a lovely birthday!
Jennifer said…
Curls change Abby---especially after having kids. What helped mine was little length being taken off (mine are still grazing the shoulder blades) and after washing it pulling it tight into a bun on my head. In the morning it falls out curly. I have really good product too when I use it---anything with argan or Moroccan oil is awesome.

Your doll is amazing! I know when we create things its never as awesome to us as others say it is. I am working (have been for over a year now) on a scrapbook for my sister. I am not super impressed but she thinks what I have done so far is amazing. Keep at it! Your creative and it shows. Hopefully I will finish my project and you'll be inspired to finish your doll. You gotta remember what you loved about it in the first place!

Happy belated Birthday!
sleepless said…
Great doll...someday you will feel inspired to do the clothes...easy gathered dress with ribbon straps if nothing else !!

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