Not a fabulous day.  Could be worse, I know, but I'd be happier if things would just work right!  Who knows how much it's going to cost to fix the car (it's still running, we just have to register it again this month and know it won't pass safety) and my sewing machine (Mischief was putting pins in it, now it won't go).  Computer is being a bit on the fritz too.

The girls enjoyed a bath today.  We totally use baths as an indoor heated pool.  They love the water.
 Then DQ dressed herself.......uniquely.  Glad we aren't going anywhere tonight :)
And now I must rescue Hazel from the girl's room.  Or is it rescue the girl's room from Hazel?
Despite my sewing machine's illness, I was able to get Drama Queen's dress finished.
Don't you love her forced smile?  That's what she gave me when, after two unhappy looking faces, I asked if I should give the dress to another little girl.


Laurel said…
Cute! Sorry that all your machines are broken.

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