On the day we had snow, Drama Queen made a snowman all by herself!
 I was quite impressed!

 We got a big glorious box of bows from Fox Den Production's quarterly bow club!

 Hazel Mae is working on getting over an ear infection.  Mischief is getting sick.  And I'm going to go iron stuff because I discovered it helps me de-stress.


Sleepy said…
I used ti wash the dishes because that was the fastest way to be left alone. If you bothered me you helped!
sleepless said…
Wonderful snow man Maddie !!!! You did a super good job !! Awesome bows Shannon !!!! I am glad ironing destresses you Abs...You can probably make money ironing men shirts..I did when the first 3 kids were little !
It helped that I lived across the sidewalk from the apartment's laundry room.
sleepless said…
I am thinking that white house you like needs lots of those bows !!!
Burnham's said…
Love the snowman! So I went to join the quartly bow club and couldnt find a spot to do it?

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